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  A couple weeks ago I had my heart set on creating a fun little coffee station. Naturally, I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest- more than enough actually. I snagged an amazing old dresser from my lovely mother (I owe you one) and with a fresh coat of paint, it transformed into a great little coffee station. I think I am most proud of this little area because I did majority of it all on my own- but of course needed some extra muscle from my husband to get the shelves up in their spots.

 I am really kicking myself for not taking a before picture of this dresser. The main body of the dresser was a dark brown and the drawer faces were just like show. Gave the entire a piece a good sanding and made a chalk paint with some paint I picked up at Lowe's (there are about a 100+ different recipes you can find online for chalk paint).

  I decided I loved the look of the natural wood with the cream color, so I just put a clear matte finish over the drawer faces and updated the hardware with these fun knobs.

  These shelves were super simple and easy to make. Just picked up a 6 foot piece of 1 x 10 board and wiped on a stain- simple! Grabbed some L brackets and had my husband cut the board and put these up! 

  A few months back we got some new dishes from Target- Threshold brand I believe. I love the look of the white on display; crisp and clean looking.

  I am still on the hunt for some art to put up around this area. Whipped up this "love is patient, love is kind" wall art and hung it up with a old wood hanger.

 If you would like to print this out for yourself, I have made a PDF file available to download and print

  I have found that the Starbucks Espresso Roast (so far) is my favorite blend. I am constantly on the search trying new coffees to find that perfect cup- there are so many out there to try. Do you have a favorite, if so please share!!

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