Have a Handmade Holiday

Every year I find that not only is this one of my favorite time of the year, but it can always be so stressful!
Gift buying...
I love buying gifts for everyone - but sometimes my wallet (or should I say my Husband's wallet) doesn't!
I get myself worked up trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, and tend to loose sight of
what the Holidays are really about!
It's being with Family & Friends, and loving everything about that moment!
So this year I decided to take a different approach to gifts.
I am going to make everyone's gifts!!
I will probably run myself just as crazy making everything, but I feel like it will make the gifts have that much more meaning to them.
I rounded up a list of gifts I plan on making for those that are on my 
"Nice List" 
(HAHA I have seen how to make coal, so you better watch out!)

1. DIY Tent || Little Willow Tree
2. DIY Teepee || Jen Loves Kev

3. Crayon Roll || The Pleated Poppy
4. PillowCase Capr || BeccaMarie Designs for U-Create
5. DIY Dolls & Plush Toys || Babble || An Assortment of Blogs

6. Grill Rubs || Kojo Designs
7. Lunchbox Shoe Kit || Martha Stewart
8. DIY Cinnamon Toothpicks || Wiki How

9. Vintage Suitcase Dress-up Storage || Red Velvet Girls (Original Source)
10. DIY Pouf || The Cream to My Coffee

11. CD Wallet Scrapbook || Wedding Bee
12. Charming Book Marks || Country Living
13. Monogrammed Journal || Real Simple

13. DIY Lip Balm (Perfect Stocking Stuffer) || Little Willow Tree
14. Organic Bath Salts || BHG
15. Snow Globes || Martha Stewart

16. Hand Warmers || The Scrappe Shoppe Blog
17. Lavendar Winter Warmers || A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

18. Dog Toy || BHG
19. DIY Multi-Strand Scarf || Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth
20. Infused Vodka || Real Simple

22. Personalized Mugs || The 36th Avenue
23. Pallet Art Silhouette || Infarrantly Creative

24. DIY Fitted Crib Sheet || Spearmint Baby
25. DIY Toddler Bedding || Me Sew Crazy
{My kids are both getting new bed sets for Christmas!!}

There is lots to choose from and something for everyone!!
Well I better get started seeing as we are only a few days away from December!


'Tis the Season

It's that time of year again.
Yes, there's the Holiday's, yummy food, and gatherings with family and friends.
Which are always fun and full of memories.
But sometimes with all that joy and yuletide comes the Holiday Germs!
And it has made it's stop at our house!
Last night was eventful. Started out in my bed by myself, then Lil Man joined me. Not long after Lil
Miss hopped in. It being 1 am, Lil Man thought it was time to have a sicky party.
Joyful screams bounced of the walls!!
I kicked him out and back to his own bed he went.
I think we all finally fell asleep around 2 am. Although I was kicked at all night, flashbacks of being preggers!
Now I have 2 snotty, tired munchkins and a sick, exhausted Mama!
But as sick as we all are, I am loving all the extra snuggles!
'Tis the Season!!

{Tuesday Threads} Sneaker Wedges

Sneaker Wedges

I may or may not be a little obsessed with these Sneaker Wedges...
Confession: I ABSOLUTELY love them!
I really can't get enough of them, being that I currently own 2 pairs and dreaming of more!
They take any outfit from BORING to AMAZEBALLS in seconds!
Don't knock 'em until you try 'em!



November {LoveClub}

This is my FAVE LoveClub box so far!!!!
Lots of lovely goodies!!

My Instagram feed was getting flooded with LoveClub pix from everyone receiving theirs!!
Kinda made me giddy!!
Let's see what we got!

Crochet Bow Ring // Handmade Escapade
How cute!!!

Mini Print // Bow + Arrow Art
Seriously!! Stop it!! No you are AWESOME!!

Hair Ties // Poofy Cheeks
Ok, these are FAB!! 

Hair Sparkle Accessory // Just Lovely Things
I have been DYING for one of these LOVELY pieces!!
Totally going to rock it this Holiday Season!!
Gonna get my SPARKLE ON!

Bracelet // HorseFeathers

Artwork // Three Bees Designs

|| The Oxford Trunk || 

Kinda feeling a little Jelly???
Then you need to get yourself signed up!!!
Be sure to follow their social media accounts, they have random opening shout outs sometimes!


Repurposed Wood Pallet: Alphabet Wall Hanging

Like many  most American women, I can get lost for hours and hours pinning my little heart away! Convincing myself that "one day I will paint that" or "I can turn this into that" and so on and so forth! 
You know you do too!!
I have to admit, I have only successfully committed to a small handful of Pinterest projects... And added many more to my to-do list! I finally tackled a project for the kids room! I have been wanting to do a big feature wall in their room. I kept throwing ideas back and forth in my head, but couldn't quite settle on one that I loved. I really wanted to do a fun Alphabet wall, it's perfect for little ones and my daughter loves singing her ABC's. I searched for fun letters in different colors and sizes, but came up short... Then it hit me!! 
There are always pins of people turning those old wood pallets in to neat wall hangings. Either painting amazing pictures on them or adding their favorite quote.
Why not combine the two!!

Source: thestoriesofa2z.com via Heidi on Pinterest
Source: atimeforeverything.net via Heidi on Pinterest

So here is how I approached it in a few easy steps!
Wood Pallet; older and aged the better
White Paint (Water base; especially if you plan on doing some sanding to add a worn look)
Screws (for hanging on the wall)

With the help of my Hubby, he took apart an old wood pallet we found at my mom's house (you can find these for pretty cheap, sometimes free). We took it apart and layed the boards about a 1/2 in apart and then nailed some boards to the back to brace them together. (I would have done this step on my own, but the Hubs doesn't completely trust me with his tools)

Now on this step you can totally use stencils, but I liked the look of the free form drawing of the letters. So I just drew out the letters with a piece of chalk... Took some erasing and rearranging of some letters, but I got them all to fit.

*Totally for got to take a picture before I hung on the wall*
I then took a white water base paint and filled in the letters. I did about 3 coats to each, you could do more or less depending on the look you are going for. I let it dry for a few hours before hanging. My husband then found studs on the wall around the area I wanted it hung and then just screwed it straight into the studs.

I love how it turned out!! 
Their room colors are black and white with a few natural pieces to break it up.
I am still looking to add a few more fun vintage finds here and there, with the possibility of some pops of color! 


Love Lasts

Yesterday my husband and I got a chance to slip away from the kids for a few hours to enjoy a nice lunch and some shopping. Since we don't eat out alone much, when we do get the chance we like to go to some of our favorite restaurants! We chose sushi and it was wonderful. It turned out to be one of the best dates we have had in while.
 We were finishing up our lunch when I noticed an elderly couple walk in and was seated at the table next to us. Normally it would have been something that would have distracted me, but for some reason I just couldn't help but be drawn towards these two. 
 They were just the sweetest and so old fashion. He pulled her chair out and wait until she was settled in to her seat before he sat himself. And their conversation just completely melted my heart. It was even a lovey dovey talk they were having, it was the way they looked at each other when they spoke. They were so in tune with one and other, like nobody else was in the restaurant with them, just the two of them. 
 I caught myself smiling, and staring of course. I continued to finish my meal and we waited for the check. As I waited, I found myself drawn back into their corner. I assumed they had been married for a long time, they were just so in love. And then, the moment that stole my heart, they leaned into each other, held hands, and prayed before their meal. I could help but think how amazing these two people were, whom I had even seen or met before in my life. They were truly special. 
 As my husband and I got up from our table to leave, my heart felt as if I needed to do something. I went to the counter and told the hostess that I wanted to pay for their meal. I felt as if it was something I had to do. Why?- I have no clue, it just felt right. Maybe it was because seeing this couple so in love, so much respect for each other, it was a way to say thank you for allowing me to see something so beautiful. For showing me that love never fails and lasts...

"The greatest thing you will ever learn, is just to love, and to be loved in return" -Anonymous 


Currently - Week 4

Currently I am...

Anticipating my sister's upcoming wedding in April. It will be here in no time! I am throwing her a Bridal Shower too, so I need to start getting things together for it! Calling on the craft gods for that! Plus I have about 10 lbs I would love to lose before then too!! I haven't been super motivated to start working out, which is really sad. I need to get my flabby tush in gear!! Don't want to look like a goob for wedding pictures!

Buying things to contribute to the household. Actually making a run to the store today! Needing just random things for the house that we have run out of at the same time. I am also wanting to buy a new computer, which I have been slowly saving for. Lots of random buying going on... In a good way.

Needing a lot of time to just sit and think. I have so much going on in my head I just want to get it all down on paper. Things I want to do for my blog, for my handmade business and for my home. I just need TIME!

Thinking about my family. I just recently lost my Uncle the other day so my heart is really heavy for my cousins. I am praying and thinking of them daily. I know he is smiling down on them and is so proud of them, but I am sure it isn't easy. Cancer takes to many too soon! I love you Uncle Rick!

Ignoring my thoughts, the sad ones at least. I have had a lot of random thoughts floating around in my little brain, that actually make me quite emotional. And they tend to randomly resurface and make me angry. I ignore those thoughts and memories as much as possible because they hurt...One day I will blog about it.


Note...I will no longer be doing the Thankful Thursday link up. It was becoming too over whelming (I know that sounds silly) But I needed to simplify my blogging so I decided to cut it out. Thank you all who linked up every week!!


Peanut Butter Cookies

It's that time of the year again...
Sweet aromas filling your home from all those yummy goodies you  have been baking. And happy little faces, pleased with the results!

I thought I would share a simple recipe with you. Nothing too fancy, but maybe it will help you kick off your baking season and get your juices flowing to make more! I like to bake a few times a week, mainly because my Hubby is always asking if I made him something special... So here it is, my first cookie of this Holiday season, but certainly not the last!

Peanut Butter Cookies
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar (I have a yummy Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe)
1 egg (at room temperature)
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/4 cup flour
Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Cream butters and sugars together until smooth; add beaten egg. Add the dry ingredients (sift before adding). Scoop a small spoon full (I used a small ice cream scooper) and place on a greased baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes, until they look nicely browned. Cool on cookie sheet for about 5 minutes then move to cooling rack to let sit for another 10 minutes. Then ENJOY!

I used a yummy family recipe and can't wait to try out more!

{October} BIRCHBOX

After much anticipation and a little delay, I finally received my first BIRCHBOX!
So excited to share what goodies I received!!

I am so stoked on all these!! I just caved and bought the full size Mary-Lou Manizer, because I have been DYING for a highlight powder!! 
You can sign up for your BIRCHBOX at www.birchbox.com, where you can also purchase all of these awesome products!


Homemade Coconut Scrub

I have dry, flaky skin.
Especially right now with all this crazy weather changing!
I did some research and of course the cure all popped up all over, Coconut Oil! DUH!
So I took it a step further and decided to make a nice scrub to also help exfoliate.
Who doesn't love a two-fer!!? (2 for one)
It's super easy to whip up real quick, plus with the holidays right around the corner, it's perfect for those
who like to make their gifts for others.
Did I mention it smells AMAZING!

Mix 1 cup of white sugar (I am sure you could use raw sugar if you choose to, but I didn't have any) with 1/2 cup Virgin Coconut Oil and mix together until it is well combined. It's best to use the coconut oil at room temperature, it's easier to work with (but you don't want it too liquefied either).
Put into a jar with lid if not using right away. I used a pint size mason jar, cause who doesn't love using mason jars for everything!

You can add any essential oils to it if you have any favorites. I opted not to because I love the smell of coconut. Also, I suggest using virgin coconut oil because it still has all the vitamins and nutrients unlike the pressed or refined coconut oil (which also doesn't have the coconut smell like the virgin oil does).
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