Currently - Week 4

Currently I am...

Anticipating my sister's upcoming wedding in April. It will be here in no time! I am throwing her a Bridal Shower too, so I need to start getting things together for it! Calling on the craft gods for that! Plus I have about 10 lbs I would love to lose before then too!! I haven't been super motivated to start working out, which is really sad. I need to get my flabby tush in gear!! Don't want to look like a goob for wedding pictures!

Buying things to contribute to the household. Actually making a run to the store today! Needing just random things for the house that we have run out of at the same time. I am also wanting to buy a new computer, which I have been slowly saving for. Lots of random buying going on... In a good way.

Needing a lot of time to just sit and think. I have so much going on in my head I just want to get it all down on paper. Things I want to do for my blog, for my handmade business and for my home. I just need TIME!

Thinking about my family. I just recently lost my Uncle the other day so my heart is really heavy for my cousins. I am praying and thinking of them daily. I know he is smiling down on them and is so proud of them, but I am sure it isn't easy. Cancer takes to many too soon! I love you Uncle Rick!

Ignoring my thoughts, the sad ones at least. I have had a lot of random thoughts floating around in my little brain, that actually make me quite emotional. And they tend to randomly resurface and make me angry. I ignore those thoughts and memories as much as possible because they hurt...One day I will blog about it.


Note...I will no longer be doing the Thankful Thursday link up. It was becoming too over whelming (I know that sounds silly) But I needed to simplify my blogging so I decided to cut it out. Thank you all who linked up every week!!


  1. heidi, i'm so sorry for your loss. i freakin hate cancer! it's a horrible thing and even hearing the word makes my stomach turn. i'm so glad you have your sisters wedding to look forward to. have a great rest of the week girl!

    1. Thank you girl!! It is a horrible thing, especially when it takes the ones you love! Hope you have a great rest of your week too!!

  2. I am ignoring sad thoughts too. Today shall be good! I'm determined!

  3. I am ignoring sad thoughts too. I am so sorry for your loss..hugs from across the interwebs! XOXO


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