portraits // sweet 16

This past weekend I got to surprise a lovely birthday girl celebrating her 'Sweet 16' with a fun photoshoot. My friend Shelby set up a birthday scavenger hunt for Alexa around town, hitting each planned spot then revealing a clue to the next. What a fun way to celebrate with friends!
Of course it decided to rain through out the morning, not what we had anticipated. But we made it work and those girls were troopers! Alexa's mom was so sweet to hold an umbrella over me to- THANK YOU!!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday Alexa!


portraits // flynn family

The Flynn Family- Bob, Jenn, Johnny & Lena. This family has been with me since the beginning of my photography journey. And every time we have so much fun and laugh so hard.
These kids are the cutest too. I find conversations with little ones are the best, and Johnny did just that. They whole family are DIE.HARD Packers fans and Johnny proceeds to tell me that it's his favorite team. He then proceeds to exclaim that his mom likes the Vikings! HA!



portraits // hughes, ames & waddell families

To say this shoot was fun, is an understatement- I had such a blast with this whole group! We went to a local Tree Farm and just went to town!
So many great photos, so much laughter, so many memories made.


portraits // anderson family

Meet Matt, Lyndse, and Olivia- this trio make up the awesome Anderson Family. I had the privilege to photograph this adorable family this past weekend. They were full of laughs, which made for such a great session. 
And how cute is Olivia! Her baby blues kind of take my breath away. 


forever buddies

This is Rocky- Lil Miss' best bud.
He goes everywhere with her.
Shopping, the park, GiGi's house- everywhere, they're glued at the hip-ish...
And so you know, Rocky is a dragon and he squeaks! (She introduces him to everyone that way)
The story of how Rocky enter her little world is actually quite funny.


| weekly grams | mine + yours

week 4 //

I had plans of starting a photo challenge- I give you a word and you use it as inspiration for your photo and tagging it with some hashtag... Then I would pick some of my favorites to share, with a different word every week for added fun! But I dropped the ball! I will be brainstorming to get this going ASAP!!!

Now on to these past 2 weeks grams...

mine //

1/ California State of Mind
2/ My not so little littlest
3/ Sister coffee date & a flannel
4/ morning reads & coffee

yours //

1/ @sarahholstrom
2/ @whoajess
3/ @lindseygomesphoto
4/ @jillmarz
5/ @elliezabeth_lee
6/ @meagan_ivory
7/ @birdapparel
8/ @alma_Antigua
9/ @3ritt


twenty - eight

So I turned 28 last week.
Of course the only thing that I see is 2 years until 30.

Had a fun day celebrating. 
Started the morning with a trip to the salon to get my hair done.
Then I decided to make a trip down to San Luis Obispo to the amazing Madonna Inn, I had to get my hands on their DELICIOUS cake!
My sister, her husband and my nephew treated me to lunch. 
Got my cake, and ate it too.
It wouldn't be a birthday with out a trip to Ulta! Grabbed a new eyeshadow palette and their birthday mascara.
Ended the night with my husband and littles. We enjoyed large amounts of chocolate cake goodness!!
Here's to another wonderful year!


| weekly grams | mine + yours

week 3 //

I got busy last week and didn't get around to posting my weekly favorites.
I double up this week and shared a few more.
Having fun sharing all these great photos I come across.
I was thinking of starting some sort of weekly or bi-weekly photo challenge with a hashtag to find them all. Have a theme each week and choose from those that used the hashtag...
What do you think??

Anywho, here's some grams for you!

mine //

yours //

  1. stormierhoades
  2. lesleefalk
  3. everythingemilyblog
  4. anniekoelle
  5. whoajess
  6. aspensummit
  7. jennyeveryday
  8. annehilldesign
  9. kellitrontel
Have a great weekend!!


wear // feeling like fall

It's finally feeling like fall.
If you live in California, like myself, then you are probably just as excited as I am.
I have been longing for some cooler weather and maybe even some rain.

Fall means we can bust out that super cute fall attire that we have been hoarding away since last year. And also add to it with all the fun new pieces you have been acquiring for the last few months.
I can't go to Target with out browsing through the flannels and jackets!

I was never a flannel person before, but now I can't get enough of them.
It's probably the one thing I find myself wearing most often lately (even in the 90 degree weather).
I love pulling together different looks with them- dressed up or super casual.


Mixing a fun graphic tee, a flannel and an awesome chunky necklace kind of makes me weak in the knees!
I have been building up my accessory collection lately- I use to wear one boring plastic necklace everyday.
I am constantly on the look out for must have pieces everywhere I go. Target has been my source lately, as well as some great online shops that I have come across through Facebook or Instagram.

I am excited for it to get colder!!
I am ready for actual scarf weather, like yesterday!


What have you been excited to wear for Fall??


recipe // moscow mule

I have a new favorite drink...
The ever so popular Moscow Mule has made it's way in to my life and I don't ever want it to leave.
I usually never go for mixed drinks (unless it's my Mom's margarita) that involve vodka- long story.
But I thought I would give these a try, I mean what's the worst that could happen... Don't answer that.
I love these little guys and even added an "essential" twist.


just because /// the bouqs

*This post contains affiliate links. My Bouq was received for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own.

The other day my husband and I were discussing the when one should give/receive flowers. From my husbands stand point he thinks all holidays that require so, such as anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day, and those other calendar noted holidays. I completely agree with this, but also think those random-acts-of-flower-giving (RAOFG- I will take credit for coining that) are just as special as receiving them on noted holidays.

To me getting flowers out of the blue, has so much more meaning behind it. Thought and extra effort put into getting someone those flowers is definitely swoon-worthy! Take note men (and ladies!). They don't have to be this HUGE amount of flowers, a simple bouquet will do the trick. Heck, they don't even need to come in a vase, I enjoy making up those arrangements myself- kind of therapeutic in a way.


But when those hallmark holidays roll around, it's probably the one gift I look forward to receiving. Fresh flowers and a sweet note will make my day that much more special than any gift. I am definitely a hopeless romantic at heart!

And while it is lovely to receive, it is just as great to give. To those who would least expect it and who would greatly appreciate it. For example, the other day I had an extra arrangement made up and decided I would do a RAOFG (random-act-of-flower-giving). Surprised my sweet neighbor with a lovely bouquet, just because. Her response was better than expected, she was actually quite speechless- WINNING!


I received this bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs last week. I was so excited to come home to see the box at my front door. This sustainable and eco-friendly company makes ordering flowers less of a headache and so enjoyable. Their flowers are grown on the side of a volcano, yes you read that right, in South America and also in the beautiful sunny California. The quality of service and product is quite remarkable. Flowers don't sit in warehouses wilting and waiting to be shipped to customers. They don't harvest until you have ordered- How awesome is that. They also have a hassle-free Concierge Service, schedule those important dates or just because occasions to send flowers to those special people, what other online flower service does that!?

They have such a great selection of beautiful floral arrangements to choose from- these were the Peace Bouquet and I LOVE them! You choose from 3 different price points- I went with the Deluxe and so happy with the amount that I receive. Bouquets ship with in 2-4 days of ordering and sent to the destination of choice. The Bouqs is seriously the best and easiest way to send flowers!

Now go send that special person some Just Because flowers, I guarantee that they will be over-the-moon thrilled!!


| weekly grams | mine + yours

// Week 2

1 // slow jams blasting
2 // mama holding her babies
3 // weekend pin-fest
4 // #nationalcoffeeday

1 // sarahkathleenphoto :: if this photo doesn't make you want to travel, then you're crazy
2 // jamiedawn :: 1. I want an old brick wall 2. The simplicity of this photo makes it quite dreamy
3 // katycartland :: This door is absolutely amazing!
4 // fusillo.foto :: This photo is awesome. You don't really see payphones every where now a days, this was such a great capture.

Go check out all these folks. Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers to follow?? Please do share


taking stock // week 2

So much excitement in our family this week. My sister and her husband welcomed their first child over the weekend- a handsome little boy! We are all smitten with him!!

Making : an effort to wake up early and make my husband his lunch every morning
Cooking : my husband has been doing most of the cooking right now, been a little exciting with my sister just having her baby this past weekend
Drinking : coffee
Reading: trying to catch up on some blogs
Wanting: a small nap
Looking: at pictures of my new Nephew
Playing: nothing much
Wasting: time on social media (instagram addict)- nothings changed there
Sewing: I need to pull out my machine and work on something
Wishing: for cooler weather and some rain
Enjoying: using my essential oils
Waiting: my essential oil order to arrive
Liking: chunky necklaces
Wondering: what it's going to feel like to be a year older this month
Loving: seeing my kids love on their new baby cousin
Hoping: to get working on a few diy projects soon
Marvelling: my nephew... did I mention he is such a cutie
Needing: some cooking inspiration, feeling like it's the same meals every week
Smelling: essential oils // Thieves is my jam right now!
Wearing: workout clothes
Following: I stopped following what is happening in the news right now, it's stressing me out
Noticing: how fast my kids are growing... why don't they stop
Knowing: my family is amazing
Thinking: I need to be a little more organized
Feeling: lucky for what I have
Bookmarking: photography posts
Opening: nothing much
Giggling: with my littles always

Taking Stock prompt from Meet Me At Mikes // Feel free to share what you are taking stock in, share below or if you have a blog post leave the link in the comments so I can read it!


| weekly grams | mine + yours

I am an avid Instagram user. I find great joy in taking fun pictures, whether they are some what staged or purely candid and sharing them with others. I love finding new grammers to follow who share the same interests in there photo taking. I think my favorite part of using Instagram, is there their are really no rules (well there are, but I'm not talking about those rules) you can post whatever- whether it be hundreds of photos of coffee shops (I would so devote a bazillion photos to cute coffee shops) or one beautiful skyline after another, it's your little space to call your own and share your heart.

I thought I would start a little weekly series to share some of my favorite photos from Instagram: mine + yours. I always love reading these on other blogs, its a great way to find new people to follow.

mine ::

1 // I framed our vintage flag in our living room with a frame I bought for $5!
2 // I have been trying to perfect my cold brewing (coffee). Still haven't found the right recipe- if you have one or know of one leave me a link in the commets!
3 // Had an awesome weekend of Essential Oil classes
4 // I am obsessed with gaudy necklaces, "vintage" tees, and pretty kimonos- all at once obviously

yours ::

1 // indimoonrose :: I love her composition and the moodiness in her photos. You totally get what she is saying through her photos with out reading it's caption

2 // kendrabeshk :: This girl. She's something special. Her heart is beautiful, and so is her family. Her photos make you smile.

3 // girlsfort :: This mama is just the coolest. She makes me want to move to Oregon and visit all the amazing places she frequents.

4 // lainarbowen :: Her photos are just so stunning. They draw you in, and you can literally get lost looking at her photos- in a non-creeper way.

Go check out all these lovely ladies. Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers to follow?? Please do share.


taking stock

'Good Vibes Only' Mug // Mulberry Press Co
I was trying to come up with a weekly post idea that could keep me on track with blogging when I can't come up with a post. I have done a few Currently posts in the past, but was looking for something a little fresh. I came across the blog Meet Me at Mike's and love their 'Taking Stock' list. So I thought I would just go with it

Making : a photography floor-drop
Cooking : spaghetti (love adding my Young Living Oregano Oil to the sauce)
Drinking : kombucha
Reading: just picked up Happier at Home
Wanting: some salted caramel ice cream
Looking: inspiration
Playing: fruit ninja (I'm hooked)
Wasting: time on social media (instagram addict)
Sewing: I want to sew L a little sling for the chicks at my mom's house
Wishing: for an ICE COLD diet coke
Enjoying: using my essential oils
Waiting: for the arrival of both my nephew and niece
Liking: cooler weather (but praying for rain!)
Wondering: what to make for dinner tomorrow
Loving: love
Hoping: to find some energy
Marvelling: over DIY projects for around the house
Needing: more hours in the day
Smelling: essential oils // peppermint & orange diffusing
Wearing: workout clothes
Following: what's going on in the world, it's kind of scary
Noticing: the little things
Knowing: things happen for a reason
Thinking: ideas
Feeling: blessed
Bookmarking: more like pinning, does anyone even bookmark online anymore??
Opening: a mini IG shop soon
Giggling: with my littles
Feeling: happy


around my home // succulent sanctuary

As of now our backyard is basically dirt and trees.
Nothing wrong with that, easy to maintain that way.
Although I do long for some rich green grass and a fun area for backyard entertaining, I happy with what we have at this point.
I finally decided to add a cute little area to bring some life to it out there.
Space to retreat to for coffee or watching the kids play.
Having fun pulling it all together and enjoying it as well.
Can you tell that I might like succulents....


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