boho wonderland // styled shoot

Ever since I attended that lovely photography work shop a few months back, I have been dying to put together some fun styled shoots. They are always a great way to keep things current and fresh, plus gives you more creative freedom.

I invited the girls from the workshop to join in too, because the more the merrier! Decided on a 'Boho' look for this one and I have to say I am so in love with how it all came together. My girlfriend Jesse from Lovelychic Weddings did the hair and makeup plus made these amazing crowns for us. And after stressing about outfits for a few weeks, I found these amazing dresses at of course... Target! Snagged the hat and jewelry from Target as well. And this location, I mean come one!! My girl Nikki of Nikki Marie Photography said we have to go here, and I am so glad we did! San Simeon and it's views are just breath taking!!

I am so thrilled with how it turned out and I can't wait for our next one, which is already in the planning process!! You can see the rest of the photos at my new photography website >>> Antlers + Roses Photo <<<



Yesterday was such a whirlwind and all together amazing day. We have been trying to plan a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for over a year now, the day finally came. We told the kids about 2 weeks about that the trip was on, but of course 2 weeks to them felt like an eternity. Every day they would wake up and ask "How many more days!?" When out and about they would inform friends and even strangers how many more days until our trip to the Aquarium. On day "4 more days" my mom and I had to decided to go the day before we were originally planning due to possible rain. But we decided to not tell the kids. So yesterday when they woke up- "How many more days!?" "You still have one!" Got them all loaded into the car to go pick GiGi up because "her car wasn't working so we are going to drive her". Then we hit the road- this was our long road trip with them and they were such troopers.



I feel like I have neglecting this space lately.
Not a whole lot of posting and such.
Getting back into the swing of things and working on some fun posts, including a weekly series that I am really excited to share. 

This is life as of lately. The weather has been so nice (except for the unexpected rain this week, which I love and we need). The warmer weather has been drawing us outside and keeping us out there until sun down. My Husband is restoring a Land Cruiser right now, so he is out there tinkering around on it every chance he gets. And the kids love "helping". They "drive" on adventures all over and ask my husband a million and one questions about life. I am excited for them to learn how to drive in this vehicle, reminds me of when I was younger learning how to drive the back roads home- I look forward to those days.

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."
Cesare Pavese


mamas + coffee

 We all enter motherhood with this preconceived notion of what motherhood is going to be like because of what others have said or what we see in the mainstream media- but in reality motherhood is so special and different to us all. Motherhood is not perfect and it's not easy. And while our journeys might all be different we still all have the same goal, to make it through it all feeling accomplished and proud of what have done. Other mother's (families) choices shouldn't define our own because that isn't our journey to live, but we can most definitely show them love and support as they navigate through their own. 

2 weeks ago I was driving home thinking I wish there was some little group of moms that I could keep in touch with to just talk about life, motherhood, kids and whatever else. Being a mom it is sometimes hard to find the time to escape from the house to have regular coffee dates with other moms to play catch up and just talk. I got to thinking and decided I would just create a little facebook group and invite some of my mommy friends to join (some who are spread across the US) and then we can just have a space to talk and share what ever was on our hearts. 

"Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported"

So was created 'Mamas + Coffee'. I dreamed of it to be as if we were all sitting together where it be a cozy living room or a fun coffee shop- we all have our warm mugs of goodness just chatting away, sharing pictures of our littles, seeking advise, giving support. Nothing but a positive environment, cause lets face it's hard to find a place where negativity isn't brewing. 

It's been 11 days of pure inspiration and support, mixed with love, laughter and sillyness. It's become a place where mom's are asking real questions that they might have not asked for fear of judgement. Moms connecting with new moms whom they might have not met otherwise. It's been so amazing to sit back and watch this simple idea turn into something bigger than I ever expected!

We have even planned for meet ups, the first one was local to my area but I am hoping others will start to plan their own all over. This past meet up/play date we had all the mamas bring a new children's book or toiletries to be donated to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the Ronald McDonald House. What better way to spread more positive vibes than by giving back to others. 

I am excited to see this Mama community continue to grow!

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