{COMING SOON} Product Reviews!

I am excited to share with you that I will soon be doing product reviews on some of my favorite products, that I either use for myself or with my little kiddos. 
I am in between emails with a few companies right now to get things going. So as soon as it is underway, I will be sharing them with you. Once I get it all figured out, I might also do some giveaways as well!! HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE!!
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Magic in a Can!

So the little Artist's that live with me, have decided to branch out their amazing drawing skills ALL over the house!! I found this little work of art on the front door this morning!!
The other day my mom was telling me about using hairspray to remove marks off walls...
Here it is...Worked like a charm!!! 


{DIY} White Deer Head Mount

Everyone has seen these white deer head mounts every where. But they want an arm and a leg for them!! I wanted one for my kids room, but wasn't about to fork over $100 for one! (Especially because I knew that eventually they would grow out their room design and want to have a say in what went on the walls!)

I knew that I could recreate this look for way less and still achieve the same look, but for a fraction of the cost! So my husband and I search the internet for some sort of deer head mount (foam, resin, plastic, cardbord, etc... There are quite a few options to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend). We eventually got on Ebay and came across this resin head mount for...DRUM ROLL PLEASE....$15!! Including shipping!!
It's the perfect size for the wall I was putting it on too. 

The Hubs spray painted a couple layers of gloss white spray paint all over and TA DA!!
It came out better that I had expected!!!
I then took an old frame I had sitting around and framed it around the mount to kick it up a notch!
In total we spent on the Deer Head, Spray Paint, and Frame around $20! 
It's one of my favorite projects so far!!


The Little Things...

His Master Piece

Last night, was just like any other night. We were just finishing up bath time and winding down for the night. Which ment PJ time and snuggles and bedtime. As the Hubs was getting L all situated for the night, I was hunting down G's missing PJs (which were found in the bathroom, how the got there....I have no idea!) But as the case of the missing PJs came to a close, I felt it was rather quiet, where was G?? Usually he is taunting his sister with his silly antics or catapulting anything and everything into the air that he can get his tiny hands on. But tonight was very different. As I searched the house for this little being, wondering where his chosen hiding spot might be now, I decided to check the playroom. The light was off so I figured he wasn't in there, but I might as well peek my head in to check. And there in the corner of the darkened room stood my little Picasso. With my first feeling being of relief that he was ok, I was then overcome with so much joy and love all in the single moment! Here was my little man, so lost in what he was creating and so peaceful! I couldn't help but just watch with such blessedness. For what seemed like hours, was probably actually 25 minutes, he just doodled away with no care in the world for anything but these amazing scribbles. I couldn't help but wonder what thoughts were buzzing through his little mind and if he even knew he had an audience. As I sat there in this special moment, I had to fight back the urge to shed my Happy Mommy tears. I  was so proud of him and his little scribbles, and didn't want this to end!


{DIY} GLITTER Photo Booth Props

So here is my first {DIY PROJECT}...Bare with me and my instructions!
 I have been wanting to make some of these bad boys for awhile, but they always seem to get put on the back burner. But, because I have a photo booth shoot coming up in a few weeks, I thought I better get to it and get these done! Super easy to do, and I have to say, I was very happy with the results!!

Glitter Card stock Paper (I got mine at Michael's)
Chipboard (ordered mine on Amazon, because our
Michael's doesn't carry it)
Some dowels 
Exacto Knife & Scissors
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
 Image Templates (http://www.accenttheparty.com)
Trace your cut out template on to the back of the glitter card stock and cut out. I then took a Sharpie and colored the white edges so it wouldn't stand out in pictures (or look tacky for that matter)
I then did the same thing with the chipboard. And this is where the exacto knife comes in handy to get a smooth edge. 
*After I had made my first one, I decided to make my chipboard pieces smaller that the card stock so there was no chance of it sticking out (see image below)

Then hot glue the chipboard and card stock pieces together. And finish by attaching your dowel to the chipboard. You could either paint or add so fun ribbon around the dowel...but I was just happy with the natural, and that I had finished them.

They turned out pretty cute! I think I might add a few more fun ones in there, a beard and may be an eye patch for giggles!! 
Hope this was easy to follow and that you have fun making your own!
I look forward to posting many more projects in the future!


Added Instagram Widget

So I just figured out how to link my Instagram Account on to my blog. So now you can see all my Instagram posts on the right sidebar of my blog page. 
If you are interested in adding your own, go to http://snapwidget.com/#getstarted and they have a the set up to get the code for your Instagram Account and show you how to link it up to your blog.
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{DIY} Felt Beards!

Faux Facial Hair!! LOL

So for some odd reason, I have strange love for all things mustache and beard related! So while trying to find a tutorial on Photo Booth props, I came across site on how to make these Bad Boys! Super easy and quick! 
Lil L loved it when I modeled them for her!
I didn't take pictures in my process of making them, but the website I found them on has a Tutorial plus a printable Template.
And if you just happen to LOVE beards, she has a fabulous website dedicated to nothing but {BEARDS}.



Mama needs a new....Computer

I have decided to do this the old fashion way...My Starbucks fund is being put on the back burner, well for a little while at least!

2 Weeks...

14 1/2 Months!! I successfully nursed G to 14 1/2 months! For something I never thought was going to happen, I did it! We had a few ups and downs along the way, but with a lot of support and guidance from family, friends and a visit early on to a Lactation Consultant, WE did it! 
I had learned tons of different tricks that I wish I would have known when trying to nurse L. With her I had to pump non-stop for about 6 months, until it just became so overwhelming and my supply ran short. So when I had G, I was so determined to make it work! 

   And here we are now... 2 weeks after hitting that 14 1/2 month mark, and we are no longer nursing. G made the transition super easy, with no fuss at all really. Me...not so much. 

  I was looking forward to no longer nursing, not that I didn't like it anymore, I just knew in time we would come to a stopping point. And when we did, it would mean that I would be able to venture out into the world outside of our home, childless...well only for that moment at least. Don't get me wrong, I love my children to death and really I don't like being with out them. But we all need that 1/2 to an hour of just pure Mommy Time. To collect our thoughts and basically just BREATHE! So of course I was so excited to have accomplished this new milestone. Or so I told myself I was. On the outside I was jumping up and down!! Not only did this mean Mommy Time, but this also meant that my intake of caffeine was going to increase and help jump start my mornings! And sure enough I have had about 3-4 cups of coffee everyday the last 2 weeks! (Crazy I know!) 

Okay, back to what I was trying to get at. I was so excited!! But for some reason, these last 2 weeks, I have really been nothing but an emotional mess! I am not even kidding, I literally cry over nothing, really! I am actually fighting back silly tears right now! Why was I not informed that when ever I decided to stop nursing that my hormones would be completely thrown out of whack! I am good at preparing myself for lots of stuff, but this I was not! I keep reading that I could be like this for couple months, until all these crazy little hormones decided to level out to normal again. REALLY!?! I don't like bawling for no reason, especially while I am trying to unload the dishwasher or fold the laundry! But I have 2 weeks under my belt now and who knows how many more to go! I started taking vitamins to try and kick start them. And while trying to deal with this emotional roller coaster, I found it comforting in knowing  that I am not the only Mommy who has ever gone through this....



So here it is...My little Bloggie! 
         I am hoping to use this blog as a way to journel my way through Mommyhood. The ups and downs,happy and sad moments, and all the funny things that fall in between.  

      For example,  how I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put watered down juice into a juice box...Why you ask?... Because for some reason, to a 2 year old, juice tastes better out of a box than it does a sippy cup. And since juice boxes are more of a treat in this house, I thought I would try and out smart my 2 year old by refilling it with water-juice to try and appease her wanting of MORE JUICE! And as I become so pleased in my juice box refilling efforts, it only ends in failure! My 2 year old obviously knows the difference! But all efforts were not wasted... Luckily for me, my 1 year will pretty much drink what ever is in a box, for the simple fact there is a straw involed!

   I am not the best with words or writing, so bare with me as this all comes together. I will also share some of the fun activities, crafts, lots of other things I am always throwing myself into.

So with that all said, I hope you enjoy all that I have to share.  Some of you might even relate and have that feeling of, "I am so glad that I am not the only one!" 


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