{DIY} White Deer Head Mount

Everyone has seen these white deer head mounts every where. But they want an arm and a leg for them!! I wanted one for my kids room, but wasn't about to fork over $100 for one! (Especially because I knew that eventually they would grow out their room design and want to have a say in what went on the walls!)

I knew that I could recreate this look for way less and still achieve the same look, but for a fraction of the cost! So my husband and I search the internet for some sort of deer head mount (foam, resin, plastic, cardbord, etc... There are quite a few options to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend). We eventually got on Ebay and came across this resin head mount for...DRUM ROLL PLEASE....$15!! Including shipping!!
It's the perfect size for the wall I was putting it on too. 

The Hubs spray painted a couple layers of gloss white spray paint all over and TA DA!!
It came out better that I had expected!!!
I then took an old frame I had sitting around and framed it around the mount to kick it up a notch!
In total we spent on the Deer Head, Spray Paint, and Frame around $20! 
It's one of my favorite projects so far!!


  1. I totally love this! I want to make one in gold!

    1. Gold would be so awesome!! I just spray painted a frame a fun metallic gold!! Let me know if you do it!! I want to see!!


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