The Little Things...

His Master Piece

Last night, was just like any other night. We were just finishing up bath time and winding down for the night. Which ment PJ time and snuggles and bedtime. As the Hubs was getting L all situated for the night, I was hunting down G's missing PJs (which were found in the bathroom, how the got there....I have no idea!) But as the case of the missing PJs came to a close, I felt it was rather quiet, where was G?? Usually he is taunting his sister with his silly antics or catapulting anything and everything into the air that he can get his tiny hands on. But tonight was very different. As I searched the house for this little being, wondering where his chosen hiding spot might be now, I decided to check the playroom. The light was off so I figured he wasn't in there, but I might as well peek my head in to check. And there in the corner of the darkened room stood my little Picasso. With my first feeling being of relief that he was ok, I was then overcome with so much joy and love all in the single moment! Here was my little man, so lost in what he was creating and so peaceful! I couldn't help but just watch with such blessedness. For what seemed like hours, was probably actually 25 minutes, he just doodled away with no care in the world for anything but these amazing scribbles. I couldn't help but wonder what thoughts were buzzing through his little mind and if he even knew he had an audience. As I sat there in this special moment, I had to fight back the urge to shed my Happy Mommy tears. I  was so proud of him and his little scribbles, and didn't want this to end!

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