favorite app // made with studio

I had to share a new favorite app of mine.
If you are anything like me, and are borderline obsessed (some might say it's a problem) with social media and enjoy being creative- then you will love this!

Made with Studio is a fun way to your photos to the next level by adding layers of text, graphics, shapes and so much more. Add as little or as much as you desire. Mix different fonts, colors, fades to create a unique stand out photo to share on the social media platform of your choice.
This is where it gets cool. You can follow other Mixers (like you can on Instagram) and enjoy what they are creating too. And if you come across a mix that grabs your eye, you can +Remix it, customize and add it to one of your own photos.
I have become addicted to it over the past week. It's kind of taken iPhone "photography" to the next level for me. Challenging me to create something new and step out of the box.
Go check it out! And you can find me at 'antlersandroses' - #DUH!


wander often

'Not all those who WANDER are lost'
Wander often.
You might be surprised what you find.
Be you.
Don't change your way of thinking for others.
Follow your heart.
It's always right, even in times when you are unsure.
Believe in good.
It's out there.

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