weekend vibes | summer rain

we had an epic storm roll through on saturday evening. woke us all up at 2am sunday and we ended up camped out in the living room. it was gone by sunday afternoon and left behind puddles galore in our back yard, the kids wasted no time jumping in. 


i change my thoughts | i change my world

i feel like i have been on some sort of soul seeking journey over the past few weeks. which is weird, because at 28 you would think you would have it somewhat together, or not. i tend to let others actions consume me and define me. which frankly, is pretty sad. i know who i am, i know what i believe in, i know where i came from and yet i still let others words rip me apart. 

i feel like i found a new sense of self. that my worth does have value and i should be proud of that. we all should really.

i have started meditating to help release any negative thoughts and emotions. which has brought me a whole new light of thinking, not only about myself but of others as well. i can't hold any anger towards others for being who they are, i can't change them. but i can change myself and not allow what others say have any sort of effect on me other than to push me to be more positive. 

i came across this mantra while researching meditation:

" i change my thoughts, i change my world"

when i find that i am having any negative thoughts towards anyone or any situation, i repeat it over and over in my head. and over the past week since finding this, i have had so many positive doors open for me. i would have never thought that a quote could be so life changing in such a short time, and it was just that.

i learning to start my days with positive thoughts and continue to keep it up as the day goes on- sometimes it's hard for sure. a few deep breaths help me center and carry on. and while this is all still a new way of thinking, i am determined to stay on this positive path and just grow as much as i can in all aspects of my life- as a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a person...

"your vibe attracts your tribe"

i have become more thankful for new friendships that have brought me new adventures and value the meaning of a true friend. even not seeing them everyday, we are able to pick up where we left off like no time had passed. i look forward to coffee dates and photo adventures, being with those who enjoy my company as much as i enjoy theirs.

a s p e n /\ s u m m i t

side note: these candles just came in the mail and i can't stop smelling them. can candles be life changing too??? i literally said "HOLY SHIT THESE ARE AMAZING!" when i opened the box. they have such a crisp and clean scent- it reminds me of a hip urban store with hardwood floors and clean white walls selling lovely handmade items. so stoked to have these in my home!

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