bridal brunch

 This past Saturday, I had the honor of being a part of such a beautiful day. Some great friends of my sister threw her a Country Chic Bridal Shower. Lots of homemade dishes, sweets and filled with lots of friends and laughter.

 It was hard to believe that we were enjoying this lovely set up in a living room- it literally looked like something out of a gorgeous design magazine! Candles, pink linens, Mimosas... It was picture perfect! So grateful for this wonderful day they created for my Sister.

Bride (Center) & The Lovely Hosts


bye bye GFC

It's been officially announced that Google Friend Connect, GFC, will be retired on July 1. While this might be slightly freaky to some, there are still some easy ways for you to still follow along and not feel lost as to what's being posted here.

 You can simply subscribe by email to my blog and have a newsletter sent directly to your lovely inbox every time I have a new post up. Kind of convenient and no hassle on your part, or mine for that matter. See that little area on the right, the one that says "Subscribe by Email"... Go ahead, plug in your email and you're done!

 If you don't use it yet, you will now. It's an easy way to stay up to date on all your favorite blogs (if they are signed up that is) in one spot. So if you don't already follow me on there, what are you waiting for!? Click this fun little icon to be directed to my Bloglovin' page.
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While Facebook doesn't show the full post, I still make a point to share on there when I do have a new post up. Still a great way to follow along and stay in touch, if you aren't directly on the blog.
Here is the link for you Antlers & Roses Facebook Page

There are a few other ways to stay connected here. Either way you choose, you are guaranteed to stay up to date with what's going on here. I thank you all who have followed me through the GFC, and I will miss that little space in my sidebar with all your cute little faces!!


warm weather // essentials

I busted out a tank top today, the warm weather is upon us here in California. And I have to say I am loving it, and so are the munchkins!! Every girl has her go-to items when the sun starts shining. Got to get prepped for more time outside, and possible trips to the beach!! Here is a few of my Go-To items for warmer weather!
Warm Weather // Essentials

Comfy Tank // Love this Ikat Print tank from The Printed Palette

Sunscreen // This sunscreen is the best. SPF 24+; Vegan Free; No Soy, Gluten, Honey, Dairy, or Peanuts; No harsh chemicals. Made by Original Sprout

Bathing Suit // Can't say I am really excited to wear a swim suit this year, but this suit from
Victoria's Secret is super cute and might cover all those areas I would like to hide.

Sandals // If I could, I would basically live in sandals all year long. I love these Havianas sandals, super comfy!!

Hat // Hats are always great to each shade you face from the sun or hide your fresh out of the ocean messy hair. And of course this fedora by Banana Republic is a must!

Sunnies // I just recently bought these from a local surf shop, and I love them!! Have that Ray-Ban look with a slight vintage twist. And you can't beat the price either, Crush makes some great reasonably priced sunnies! 


a little crush...

 I am joining a fun link up and  sharing a few of my Blog Crushes, hosted by the Lovely Living in Yellow.  Not gonna lie, this is so hard to not just list 100's of amazing blogs for days beyond days. So many that offer such great content with each post that they share. I tend to follow lots and I am always finding new ones everyday! So here are just a few (in no particular order) of my blog crushes; blogs who capture me everyday with their amazing words, always so real and inspire me on this little blog of mine.

Heather, well she is gorgeous & AMAZEBALLS! Her drive to a do all she does is truly inspiring! She is such a down to earth chick and always gives it straight! If I ever mosey on up to her parts of Oregon, we will definitely be getting drinks and taking a trip to Target!

Kimmie, well she's beyond beautiful and such an amazing Mama! I always feel like I am chatting over a cup of coffee when I am reading her blog. Such a sweet genuine human being!

A Fox & A Wolf
A Fox & A Wolf
I can say wholeheartedly, that Ashley is probably one of closest friends! We literally text each other EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I always know that if I have a question, whether it pertains to life or blog related, she always has the right answer. She has a heart of gold and pure beauty inside and out. I feel so lucky to not only have her as my blog friend, but also a friend in real life!!
For the Love of...
A classy, beautiful mama. I love her design aesthetic and fashion forward outfits. Her confidence is amazing and contagious! 

Cara Loren
I kind of want to take a walk in her shoes... LITERALLY! I have fashion-heart-palpitations every time she posts a new outfit. And her little guy's outfits are to die for!! 

 photo Ains-newad01.jpg
Such a genuine blogger. She writes straight from the heart and each post conveys raw emotion. I have followed her since the beginning of my blogging career, and has been such an inspiration. 

Go check out these amazing blogs. I promise they do not disappoint!! And you will fall in love with them as much as I have.
{Photos c/o each blog}


$100 anthropologie gift card giveaway

 I am teaming up with the wonderful Gingerbread Blog and a handful of other AMAZING bloggers to bring you this FABULOUS giveaway!!! Kind of awesome right!?

Courtesy of these Lovely Ladies!

Don't these colors just make you HAPPY!

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a day at the children's museum

Last week I got the chance to take the kids to our local children's museum. I have been meaning to take them forever, just seems I always for get that we actually have one! There are 2 in our county, and the one nearest to us is fairly new by a couple of years. I knew the kids would enjoy exploring all the fun toys and neat exhibits they offer the little ones. The Fire Truck was the biggest hit, they kind of ignored the entire building after awhile. It was so neat to see their faces light up. I can't wait to take them back with Dad so he can enjoy their excitement as well.

 Munchkin's Outfits
Little Miss // Cardigan & Dress: Target // H&M Leggings & Toms: IG Shops
Little Man // Button Up: Volcom Boys // H&M Skinnies: IG Shop // TOMS: Local Shop

hi, i blog here... sometimes

  It's Tuesday afternoon. Little Miss is relaxing on the couch and the little guy is down for a nap. My morning has consisted of cleaning, organizing and purging items through out the house. And while this is all happening, I am realizing that I haven't done a post, like an actual post in about a week! EEKS!

 So I am posting this to let you know that I am still here, I just may not be posting as often as I was. I think I was getting a tad overwhelmed/burnt out because I was trying to post EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Which was kind of making me batty! I had read a post from a "bigger, well known" blogger the other day, and she said that she was going to not stress her self out over posting, post when she can and not lose sleep over it. And I so needed to read that, especially from someone like her.

 I kind of took a step back over this last week or so to just BREATHE! And I have to admit that I have been loving it! I feel like I actually get my house clean, because it has gotten the least of my attention lately. I am getting things organized and cleaned, plus decorating like I said I was going too. Kind of amazing what you can get done.

 And I also have a few BIG engagements coming up in the next few weeks that I really want to focus my attention on. My little guy is turning 2 on the 27th this month, and I want to make sure that I get everything done for his party that I planned on doing. And then one of my younger sister's is getting married exactly a month later!! Not only do I have wedding stuff to help out with, but I also so took on the Bachelorette party (which I just ordered invites for yesterday, and they are FABULOUS!). Things are going to be busy busy over the coming weeks!

 I am taking this as a way to refresh my brain to get more creative and heart-filled posts out to you. Not committing myself to pumping out 'x' amount of posts per week, or losing sleep cause I need to get 3 more posts written up my tomorrow. I really love blogging and want to be here for a long while, and I don't want to become a robot behind computer typing out lazy, non-genuine posts. I want to give you my best and I want to be completely happy with the results.

 Okay, that's my little rant about why I haven't been posting much. I am still here. I still blog. And I still cherish your readership for this little space that I so dearly love!


beauty // must haves

 I LOVE make up! What girl doesn't really... I usually try several brands/colors before I set my heart on something. But once I find that perfect make up match, I have a hard time using anything else. I thought it would be fun to share my beauty must haves and what I use for my make up routine.
Beauty Must Haves

Beauty Must Haves by antlersandrosesblog featuring a creme eyeliner
  1. Nivea Creme // I remember my mom always using this when I was little. I use it everyday on my face, especially before I put any make up on.
  2. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation // I just got this literally last week (I have been using Neutrogena foundation for years) This has the most amazing coverage and super light! I LOVE it!! So glad that I went out on a limb to try it! Will now be getting this until it's no longer made!
  3. Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Stick // This concealer is also a new purchase and I also love it as much as the foundation! Completely covers my DARK under eye circles and has a nice smooth finish! 
  4. Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher // This is a great make up setter. Very light and translucent like it says. 
  5. CoverGirl Eye Shadow Eye Enhancer Palette // I always gravitate towards very neutral colors for eye shadows. Unless I am going out for a special occasion where I might add a fun pop of color (usually a bright MAC color). Other wise soft browns are my go to colors.
  6. e.l.f. Creme Eye Liner // You really can't go wrong with this liner. I get it in a dark black and just apply a nice thin line to my upper lids. I have used the MAC Liquid Liner for years and needed a quick liner fix, this one at $3 is a winner.
  7. Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette // So if you couldn't tell, I kind of love the PhotoReady line from Revlon! I just recently started wearing blush. I loved this palette because with the highlighter and contouring shades as well. 
  8. the Balm Mary Lou Manizer // I got a sample of this in my Birchbox a few months back, and bought the actual product with in about 10 minutes of trying it! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's a great cheek and eye highlighter. Plus it can be used alone as an eye shadow. I wish I could just roll in a big bowl of it I love it that much!!
  9. CoverGirl Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara // Lash Blast is always my go to mascara. I used the orange tube FOREVER! I just love how it wears and creates great lash volume! My favorite mascara of all time!
I also love watching make up tutorials on YouTube as well. Always find new make up techniques or a new product. I love following Kandee Johnson's videos. She as tons of different ones that pertain to different looks you might be going for.
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