a day at the children's museum

Last week I got the chance to take the kids to our local children's museum. I have been meaning to take them forever, just seems I always for get that we actually have one! There are 2 in our county, and the one nearest to us is fairly new by a couple of years. I knew the kids would enjoy exploring all the fun toys and neat exhibits they offer the little ones. The Fire Truck was the biggest hit, they kind of ignored the entire building after awhile. It was so neat to see their faces light up. I can't wait to take them back with Dad so he can enjoy their excitement as well.

 Munchkin's Outfits
Little Miss // Cardigan & Dress: Target // H&M Leggings & Toms: IG Shops
Little Man // Button Up: Volcom Boys // H&M Skinnies: IG Shop // TOMS: Local Shop


  1. Looks like a great time! Im bringing my wee ones to the museum on Thursday! :)

  2. The kid's outfits are awesome. Looks like they were really enjoying themselves!

  3. The childrens museum, totally brings back memories of me going to the children meuseum! Glad you had a good time there!
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