portraits // flynn family

The Flynn Family- Bob, Jenn, Johnny & Lena. This family has been with me since the beginning of my photography journey. And every time we have so much fun and laugh so hard.
These kids are the cutest too. I find conversations with little ones are the best, and Johnny did just that. They whole family are DIE.HARD Packers fans and Johnny proceeds to tell me that it's his favorite team. He then proceeds to exclaim that his mom likes the Vikings! HA!



portraits // hughes, ames & waddell families

To say this shoot was fun, is an understatement- I had such a blast with this whole group! We went to a local Tree Farm and just went to town!
So many great photos, so much laughter, so many memories made.


portraits // anderson family

Meet Matt, Lyndse, and Olivia- this trio make up the awesome Anderson Family. I had the privilege to photograph this adorable family this past weekend. They were full of laughs, which made for such a great session. 
And how cute is Olivia! Her baby blues kind of take my breath away. 


forever buddies

This is Rocky- Lil Miss' best bud.
He goes everywhere with her.
Shopping, the park, GiGi's house- everywhere, they're glued at the hip-ish...
And so you know, Rocky is a dragon and he squeaks! (She introduces him to everyone that way)
The story of how Rocky enter her little world is actually quite funny.
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