forever buddies

This is Rocky- Lil Miss' best bud.
He goes everywhere with her.
Shopping, the park, GiGi's house- everywhere, they're glued at the hip-ish...
And so you know, Rocky is a dragon and he squeaks! (She introduces him to everyone that way)
The story of how Rocky enter her little world is actually quite funny.

Last year we were having Thanksgiving dinner at my Husband's Aunt and Uncle's house. After dinner I was trying to keep the kids entertained to avoid any type of meltdown. It was going great for while and then they started getting a little antsy.

My Husband stepped in and took them in to the other room and I stayed to chat with his grandparents. After while I noticed that any noise that would be coming from my kids had become muted. Of course being a mom my red-flag goes up! "SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO THE KIDS!"

I make my way into the dining room where I find my husband, but no kids! WHAT!! Keeping it cool, calm and collected- I gave him THE eye... Of course he had no idea what that meant so I quietly asked where the kids were. His response "Not sure, I think they're in the kitchen..." Of course, the best place for little kids to play is the kitchen- unsupervised!

Make my way to the kitchen and I start to hear little voices again- THEY'RE OKAY!

I found them both in the laundry room playing... with their dog's toys! I seriously could not stop laughing! They played there for about 30 minutes. Showing me all the different toys and noises they make. Then Lil Miss showed me this sad looking little dragon- a few rips and well loved by their sweet dog. Lil Miss couldn't get passed that it was a dragon (she loves Dinosaurs in case you didn't know). She kept hugging it and showing it to everyone who walked by.

When it came time to leave I asked both kids to clean up and put the toys back into there little spot. Lil Miss didn't want to part with the dragon. I tried to explain that it wasn't ours and we can't keep it- didn't really help, but it was worth a shot. Tears rolled down her face and she begged me to take it home. I told her maybe I could find her a special dragon of her own but we would have to leave this one. She placed it back and walked out- slouchy shoulders and all.

My husband's aunt said that the dragon could be found at the pet store... This left me thinking, do I search for a dragon that she might not actually like because it looks nothing like the dragon she fell in love with or do I just do the unthinkable and go to the pet store and get that exact one...

I found myself in the isle of the pet store searching for this dragon. Up and down every one. Who knew a pet store could have so many toys! And right as I was about to throw in the towel, there he was- all blue, purple and fluffy!

Her excitement when I got home was beyond what I had expected! She instantly named him Rocky- quite fitting for a blue dragon I think. And he hasn't left her said since that day- he gets tucked in every night with her and joins us every morning for breakfast.


  1. That is the cutest story! Good thing you found a nice, clean, doggy slobber-free replacement ;) Bean loves dinosaurs too, she loves to play with her "tagasaurus" (stegosaurus) that we let her bring home from the thrift store. Isn't it funny how kids just latch on to a certain thing and love it forever?


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