baking | bread

kitch-en [kichen]
- a place to gather to create lots of memories
Spent the day at my mom's this weekend. She had the kids help her mix up some sourdough bread. The kids were tickled they got to add the ingredients and stir it all together.
I love watching them with my mom, they all have a blast together. And it always ends with "That was so much fun GiGi!!"  I grabbed my camera (which I have been good about keeping with me this past week) and snapped some quick photos.


beach | day

So I made a 'Summer List', You can see it here. And I am making a point to start checking things off of it. The other day they kids and I escaped the heat for some cool breeze and ocean air. 

It was the perfect escape! And the kids had a blast. We rarely make the 45 min drive- like I only think we've been twice in the past 4 years, eeks! They were asking the entire drive "are we there yet?"- typical right. The squeals that came from the back seat as ocean became visible was not only ear piercing, but equally heart bursting! I love when they can't contain their excitement. 


We dipped our toes in the cold water (literally only our toes, those waves are quite intimidating to little ones) and rolled in the warm sand- well my son did, must be a boy thing. And it wouldn't be a successful beach trip with out sand castle building. 
We left with sun-kissed cheeks, salty hair, and a handful of memories. I made a mental note that we need to go more often! 

  • Beach Trip: CHECK!


captured | moments

Being a mom I feel it is sometimes hard to juggle our favorite past times.
They sometimes get lost in the hustle of life.
I use to be upset about it- I just want to be able to do it all. But sometimes we can't. And that's ok [!]
And I am finally okay with not doing it all. I feel like it takes so much pressure off myself and I can really enjoy being in the moment with my kids and/or my husband.
Today I found a moment to pick up my camera- it's been so many months since I was behind it. After a few clicks, I could feel that wave of inspiration run through me. Oh how I have missed this.
I have missed capturing passing moments.
While I am totally ok with not being to do all, I think it also important to still enjoy those passions. I love photography and wish I could do it all day everyday (maybe one day I can). When I find these small windows I definitely will take them and run with it.

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