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Being a mom I feel it is sometimes hard to juggle our favorite past times.
They sometimes get lost in the hustle of life.
I use to be upset about it- I just want to be able to do it all. But sometimes we can't. And that's ok [!]
And I am finally okay with not doing it all. I feel like it takes so much pressure off myself and I can really enjoy being in the moment with my kids and/or my husband.
Today I found a moment to pick up my camera- it's been so many months since I was behind it. After a few clicks, I could feel that wave of inspiration run through me. Oh how I have missed this.
I have missed capturing passing moments.
While I am totally ok with not being to do all, I think it also important to still enjoy those passions. I love photography and wish I could do it all day everyday (maybe one day I can). When I find these small windows I definitely will take them and run with it.

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  1. Your photography is gorgeous. I hope you can find many more slivers of time to enjoy it (but I get having momma responsibilities). Found you through instagram :)


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