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It's so rewarding to see something that you have worked so hard at shared on someone's blog (other than your own). I am so excited that I was able to share how I decorated the kids room with Heather's readers at JustLove.ly. Featured in her Dwell Series, which shares fun and unique rooms or homes from all over. I just thought I would share how thrilled I am (maybe a tad giddy), so you can all head over there to check it out!!

This post was just a short and sweet 'Hello!'


summer time

Summer has been good to us this past week.
The weather is bearable- not too hot and obviously not to cold either.
We hit the pool as much as we can, usually 3-4 times a day.
These kids love water, not much else to say about that.



Reading. I have been reading It Starts with Food this past week. Not getting through it as fast as I would like, but I have enjoyed and learned a lot from what I have read. It has been a real eye opener too, explaining things you don't ever really think about when it comes to foods. Why we have cravings to certain foods instead of others and great tips to get your body to a healthy, functioning point that you can successfully maintain as a lifestyle. Actually, starting tomorrow I am doing their Whole30 Program in which I completely change the way I eat for 30 days. Kind of scary right??! At first when I said yes to a lovely Instagram friend, I was like "What the heck did I just commit too?!" But now after reading and talking with the "Support Group" she gathered, I know that I will have no problem completing the full 30 days- and maybe longer.

Listening to. Robin Thicke's new album Blurred Lines. This is the first album that I have listened to in a long time and have loved every single song!! Every song has a catchy beat and makes you want to boogie! If you don't have it, go get it!

Thinking about. What I am going to do with myself once my kids go to school. I know I still have a few years, but I know it will be here in a blink of an eye. I am eager to get back into a salon, an environment I have missed so much since having kids. Although I feel like I need to brush up on a lot of things, so many new techniques, color lines, cuts, etc. have come about in the past 4 or so years. I would definitely feel like a newbie fresh out of beauty school again! But then I also want to grow my photography "business". I truly love it and its something I know I will do forever. I just started rebranding it and gearing in a direction that I feel fully represents me as a photographer. And while I am fully aware that I can do both hair and the photography, I don't want to lose sight of my ultimate passion- being a mom. I guess that's why I am glad I still have a few years to think this all through.

Watching. One word- DEXTER!

Bummed out on. My poor little guy has been teething pretty bad this past week. I think it's those pesky molars. He hasn't been his happy-go-lucky-self and falls asleep at the drop of a hat. Yesterday was the calm in the "teething storm". He seemed to be feeling better and running 100 mph as usual. Teething is no fun!

Loving. A new clothing line that I found on Instagram. So Worth Loving. Their powerful message of love you who are, you are worth it, follow your dreams- truly inspiring. I have 2 of their shirts and love how they feel when I wear them and how I feel when I wear them. Can't wait to grab a few more.

This Currently prompt was inspired from Dani at Sometimes Sweet Blog


black & white

"To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world."  -Dr. Seuss 


recipe // chia pudding

So I jumped on the Chia Seed bandwagon! Ordered my self a bag of them and have been putting them in basically everything (well some what)- drinks, smoothies, yogurt.
The other day I saw someone post a photo on Instagram (inspired by Tumbleweeds Handcraft) of Chia Pudding, until then I had no clue such a thing existed. I browsed through a few recipes online and decided to give it a try. You can really make it any way you want, there doesn't seem to be an exact recipe you need to follow. And you can pretty much customize the flavoring to your liking.



I just discovered that you can embed your Instagram videos onto your blog. I was making it much more difficult, saving then emailing and then saving, then uploading.... Anywho Alissa at Rags to Stitches Blog shows you how to do it here.
I thought it would be fun to share my IG vids from this weekend instead of just snapshots (and mainly because I only took 1 photo all weekend!)

Happy Monday!!


family // dad is the best

This past weekend we got to spend the day at my mom's while visiting with some of her friends. 
It was also nice to have the full day with my Hubby around (crazy busy work schedule lately).
The kids both got to enjoy some special alone time with their amazing Dad, and I think they were over the moon about it too.
They are so luck to have such an amazing Dad like him, I am so thankful for it too- Proof that great dads do exist.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” 
 Angela Schwindt




Hope you all had a great extended weekend! Also a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Got to spend sometime with some of my lovely lady friends at an annual Fourth of July BBQ we attend every year. Always fun to catch up and also make new friends.

My mom had some high school friends visiting from Arkansas. Got together with them at my mom's house for a BBQ on Saturday and literally laughed all day. They are always a kick when they come to visit.

It was a fun, busy weekend. 

Feeding the miniature horses with Dad

Took a little drive to the barn, and someone got to drive for her first time.

Me and my Lil Guy

BBQ Oysters! If you are ever on the Central Coast and in Morro Bay, go eat at Tognazzini's Dockside Resturant. You wont be disappointed!

Hope you all had a great Monday!!


home // my pretties

I have been on the hunt for the perfect jewelry organizer. I didn't want a box and the jewelry stands I did find didn't fit the look I wanted.
Last week I was browsing through A Beautiful Mess's blog and came across their Floral Antler Necklace Display. That was exactly what I wanted!! Search over!!
I bought the faux antlers off Hobby Lobby  (as they suggested; also used a 40% off coupon, so I got them for $18!) 
Once they arrived, I was a little unsure of them only because they looked far darker than I expected. I already knew I wasn't adding the flowers so my solution was to just paint it. I have to say that turned out better than expected! 3 quick coats of white paint and I had myself a fab jewelry holder. 


a reminder // why i love being a mom

Before becoming a mom, my life consisted of working- 2 jobs sometimes. 
Get together's with my girlfriends every Thursday for Bingo or a movie here and there.
Get away's with my Husband (then boyfriend) happened somewhat regularly if there was somewhere we wanted to go.

Of course when you now have kids in the mix, seems thing to change a bit.
Bingo is no more, movies seem to only happen once a year, and what are get away's??
But don't take this as me complaining, I really am not. I love my life now.

My life prior to kids seemed somewhat less exciting than it is now. They make my days more enjoyable and fun. They are spunky little alarm clocks that help me start my mornings off bright an early, followed by morning snuggles on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. I seem to always be busy which is kind of nice, either making meals, painting silly pictures, or watching them run through the sprinklers- each day is never dull. 

By the end of the day, I am usually exhausted- while they are still running around like silly monkeys. (I would like to bottle up their energy). And by night we are all snuggles again as we tuck them into their beds to sleep. Their sweet little kisses warm my heart and reassure me that each day is well worth it. 

My nights aren't spent out with friends, but rather picking up the house and preparing for the next day of fun craziness. Some days are more exhausting than others, but it comes with the territory as they say. And don't get me wrong- I do miss having adult conversations and fun outings on a regular basis, but when they do happen they are definitely enjoyed!

I would love to sit here and tell you that everyday is perfect and wonderful, but then I would be lying. Some days bedtime can't come fast enough. Screaming, fighting, crying on repeat happen regularly too. On those days I just drink a little more coffee and pull out all reserves to make it through the day. And as crazy as a day might be, it still ends the same as every other day- lots of love and sweet kisses

I love being a mom, wouldn't change it for anything in the world.


findings // etsy

Sometimes I find myself wondering through Etsy. 
Checking out all the neat things listed and dreaming of owning a good portion of them someday. 
I thought I would share some of my recent fave findings.

1. Skull Sculpture "Crania Anatomica Filigre"
2. Sunglasses Storage/Display
4. Floating Turquoise Honeycomb Shelves
5. Nautical Compass Necklace
6. Zodiac Compass Necklaces



It finally felt like summer this weekend- HOT HOT HOT!
I felt bad that we were cooped up in the house all weekend. The kids don't do great with the heat, so we just relaxed in the cool house.
Of course no summer day would be complete without some movies and popsicles- seemed to keep the kids entertained. I even enjoyed some yummy iced coffee- quite refreshing!
The kids were even kind enough to lend their kiddie pool to the dogs so they could beat the heat. They were thankful for it and splashed all weekend!
We did get a few fun moments to let the kids out for some sprinkler fun. Helped relieve some of that cabin fever.
Looking forward to hopefully it cooling off by the end of the week. It will still be in the 90's, but I will take it.

Hope you all stay cool this week if you are in those crazy hot areas and stay dry if you are getting wet weather!
Happy Monday!



Reading. I haven't been reading many books of my choosing. Just lots of books about, cars, adventures, and of course dinosaurs. I got Lil Miss a giant dinosaur encyclopedia full of pictures and loads of Dino facts. I don't know why, but she loves all things dinosaurs. We sit there and look at all the pictures and she asks me what the names if each dinosaur is, most of the time I have no clue. I will blurt out blah-blah-saurus, and she is quick to correct me "No mama, dats an Iguanadon!" And of course she is right every time. I need to brush up on my dino names!

Listening Too. So I finally uploaded some songs on to this iPod that I have had for months. I got it just so I wouldn't take up any space on my phone with music because I seem to run out of storage quickly with the bazzillion photos I take every day. Any who, so I finally downloaded some songs on to it and have it a test run while I was vacuuming. One of my favorite songs came on, The Story by Brandie Carlile, and I lost it. I have no clue why really, but the flood gates opened and the tears flowed. I think I have been needing a good cry to just release any tension that I might have had bottled up, or it could just be that time of the month (cause it is). I am sure my kids were wondering why mama was so emotional while vacuuming...

Thinking About. With out getting too political on hear (I think we are all entitled to our views and opinions) But I am so happy for the approval of Marriage Equality, something that should have been recognized a long time ago. LOVE is LOVE!

Watching. My hubby and I are hooked on a new show called Graceland (on USA). It's based of actual events of undercover FBI agents who live in this lavish beachfront home I believe in Malibu (or some where close to that area). One of the characters who is sent to live undercover is actually doing double duty undercover while there to investigate one of the head officers who doesn't like to play by the code book. It's pretty entertaining for what it is. Also still anticipating the season premiere of Dexter!

Bummed Out On. Nothing real major for this category. Kind of bummed that I can't get my daughter to eat what I make for dinner. I feel like it's an on going battle every night to get her to even attempt to taste what's on her plate. Most of which is stuff she has eaten before and likes. I don't know if it's because she isn't really hungry by dinner time or she's just been stubborn. Or probably the combination of both! Last night I made us some yummy berry smoothies, they were delicious! She wouldn't even taste it! Really?! No smoothie! Well my little guy was stoked on it cause he got to enjoy both his and hers. Maybe it's just a phase... I hope. (And just so you know I usually cave and make her something that she will eat so she doesn't go to bed starving, a habit that I need to break for sure!)

Loving. Going to sound like a sap for the next few sentences. I have been loving my Hubby. He's been so stressed at work lately- long hours and many miles to and from work. He has been so excited for this upcoming week because he was going to have it off because of the holiday. He just found out yesterday that they have a deadline they have to meet in just a few short days so he has to work. He takes it like a champ because it's his job, I just feel bad when he is stressing like that cause there is nothing I can do. I have been working hard at keeping up with all the household chores and making dinners every night so he can just come home and not have to worry about anything. I love him for all he does for us.

Using this Currently prompt from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.



A nice relaxing weekend. 
Got some time to myself at the salon and a trip to Costco with my mama. 
We were all finally over the sickness (more like a cold) that has been around for the last 2 weeks. So we just took it easy and relaxed. 
Broke out some paints with the kids and got artsy. Trying to get back into painting and drawing again, haven't done it for so long and I have so missed it. 


Have you had the chance to play around with the new video option on Instagram? Been seeing mixed reviews about it. Some love it, while others are annoyed with it. I am one of the ones who love it. While a pictures can say so much with just one shot, a 15 second video can say so much more. They have a mini documentary feel to them. I still want them to have that Instagram feel to them, and not use it as a home video feature. How do you feel about them?
I have posted a few since the feature became available, you can find me on Instagram at @antlersandroses





Reading. At the moment I am not reading anything. I am finding it hard to pick up a book and finish it! I did start reading The Fault in Our Stars a few weeks back. I only made it through the first 3 (or maybe 4) chapters so far, but I am really enjoying it. Lately I feel like making time to read is another chore that I just don't want to make time for. I am hoping to wash away that thinking and pick it up so I can finish.

Listening To. So I decided the other day that my summer jam is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Every time it comes on I crank it and do that crazy dance you do when you're driving by yourself, and then you realize you aren't in the car by yourself and your hubby is shooting you that crazy "what the hell are you doing" glare. It happens quite often...


Feeling Thankful. I am really thankful for all that my husband does for our family. Sometimes I don't think I tell him that enough. He has to get up at the butt-crack of dawn every morning and doesn't get home until an hour before the kids bedtime. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but then I think I could totally have it worse and that I am so very thankful for the long hours he puts in to provide for our family. I am so grateful that I can stay home every day to raise our kids and tend to household duties. And also make sure that he comes home to a nice cooked meal everyday... Well most days at least.

Thinking About. Goals and dreams that I have for myself. This past week I have really become inspired to buckle down and make those goals come to life. I know that they might not all be successful in the long run, but I will never know if I don't pursue them and find out what they offer me. We will see how it goes...

Eating. I just scarfed down a peanut butter sandwich. NO SHAME!

Watching. At the moment my TV is black as I type this. But once I am done I will continue watching Million Dollar Listing New York. All those GORG apartments and lofts, make me so wish I was in New York! Also obsessed with The Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey, I am such a sucker for stupid reality shows. They are like never ending train wrecks that you just can't stop watching!! And on a side note since we are on the topic of Reality TV, am I the only one who is bored with this season of the Bachelorette??! I mean, where the heck is all the crazy drama?? I am giving it one more week before I delete it off my DVR. Oh and Dexter starts soon!! Cue giddy dance!

Bummed Out On. I am a little bummed at the lack of energy that I have. I can't seem to get myself going, especially since I am running after 2 munchkins all day. I just got some Instant Energy B-12 supplements that I am going to start taking to see if that helps. I had the B-12 shot a few weeks back and it really helped me for quite awhile. The supplement packs are a tad more affordable than the shot, if they work great and if not then I will just resort back to the shot.

Loving. The stage the kids are at right now. Everyday is a new adventure with them. Always coming up with new games, sayings, etc. I find myself laughing all day at my daughter's dialogue, and wonder how they heck she knows what she is saying. She tells me all about her dinosaurs and what they eat, then we talk about outer space and it's so far away, and then how she loves bugs because they are her best friends. Seriously my days are always filled with some sort of entertainment with these 2 goobers!

*Found this Currently Prompt from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet


everyday i'm instagramin'

If you were to ask me what my FAVE app for my phone is, with out hesitation I would most definitely blurt out INSTAGRAM. I am what you might call an "Insta-Addict", the definition is a little self-explanatory for that. When ever I get a chance to pop on, I scroll through check out the latest post from all my favorite IG-Peeps, and usually what was only suppose to be a quick little 5 minute "Insta-Fix" (you see what I did there), turns in to about 30 mins of double-tapping, commenting, finding new followers and LOLing (yes, I do!).

I thought I would share my go-to FAVE photo editing apps to get all those fun photo effects that turn a ho-hum picture to "Insta-Good" (I can't stop!)

This is usually the process of how I edit:
1. Load into PicTapGo and that perfect filter/effect (what's nice about PicTapGo is you can layer and adjust the filters to your liking, then save it so you have it for the future.) Then I save to my camera roll (unless I am finished, then I load to Instagram using the Instagram-Full option, that way my full photo is loaded an not cropped which IG seems to do if you load through their app.)
2. Load the saved photo into AfterLight. I mainly use this app for fun frames. There are simple boards, fun shapes, or even the popular Instax Film frames. Once I found the right one, I again then save to my camera roll.
3. Load previously saved photo into A Beautiful Mess. Now I add any fun doodles or wording that might give my photo some extra oomph. This app even has neat doodle frames too that are fun to layer in different colors. After I have my finished photo to my liking, I then load to Instagram from this app.

I don't always use all 3 apps together, some times I will settle on just one or 2. But I like creating eye catching photos to share with the IG Community.

Below are some photos that I have posted on IG as examples as to how the apps work and some Before & Afters.

Using PicTapGo

These are those fun Instax Frames I mentioned earlier from AfterLight

Here are a few photos from this last week:

It takes a little bit of time to get that perfect edit for every photo, but I think the outcome is always worth it in my opinion. 

You can follow me on Instagram @antlersandroses

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