Reading. I haven't been reading many books of my choosing. Just lots of books about, cars, adventures, and of course dinosaurs. I got Lil Miss a giant dinosaur encyclopedia full of pictures and loads of Dino facts. I don't know why, but she loves all things dinosaurs. We sit there and look at all the pictures and she asks me what the names if each dinosaur is, most of the time I have no clue. I will blurt out blah-blah-saurus, and she is quick to correct me "No mama, dats an Iguanadon!" And of course she is right every time. I need to brush up on my dino names!

Listening Too. So I finally uploaded some songs on to this iPod that I have had for months. I got it just so I wouldn't take up any space on my phone with music because I seem to run out of storage quickly with the bazzillion photos I take every day. Any who, so I finally downloaded some songs on to it and have it a test run while I was vacuuming. One of my favorite songs came on, The Story by Brandie Carlile, and I lost it. I have no clue why really, but the flood gates opened and the tears flowed. I think I have been needing a good cry to just release any tension that I might have had bottled up, or it could just be that time of the month (cause it is). I am sure my kids were wondering why mama was so emotional while vacuuming...

Thinking About. With out getting too political on hear (I think we are all entitled to our views and opinions) But I am so happy for the approval of Marriage Equality, something that should have been recognized a long time ago. LOVE is LOVE!

Watching. My hubby and I are hooked on a new show called Graceland (on USA). It's based of actual events of undercover FBI agents who live in this lavish beachfront home I believe in Malibu (or some where close to that area). One of the characters who is sent to live undercover is actually doing double duty undercover while there to investigate one of the head officers who doesn't like to play by the code book. It's pretty entertaining for what it is. Also still anticipating the season premiere of Dexter!

Bummed Out On. Nothing real major for this category. Kind of bummed that I can't get my daughter to eat what I make for dinner. I feel like it's an on going battle every night to get her to even attempt to taste what's on her plate. Most of which is stuff she has eaten before and likes. I don't know if it's because she isn't really hungry by dinner time or she's just been stubborn. Or probably the combination of both! Last night I made us some yummy berry smoothies, they were delicious! She wouldn't even taste it! Really?! No smoothie! Well my little guy was stoked on it cause he got to enjoy both his and hers. Maybe it's just a phase... I hope. (And just so you know I usually cave and make her something that she will eat so she doesn't go to bed starving, a habit that I need to break for sure!)

Loving. Going to sound like a sap for the next few sentences. I have been loving my Hubby. He's been so stressed at work lately- long hours and many miles to and from work. He has been so excited for this upcoming week because he was going to have it off because of the holiday. He just found out yesterday that they have a deadline they have to meet in just a few short days so he has to work. He takes it like a champ because it's his job, I just feel bad when he is stressing like that cause there is nothing I can do. I have been working hard at keeping up with all the household chores and making dinners every night so he can just come home and not have to worry about anything. I love him for all he does for us.

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  1. Such a cute post! I totally sympathize with the picky eater phase. I try my best with my girls and they just sometimes refuse to eat or have to be fed like they were 15 months all over again. I'm hoping Kindergarten is the answer for the 5 years old at least...


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