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If you were to ask me what my FAVE app for my phone is, with out hesitation I would most definitely blurt out INSTAGRAM. I am what you might call an "Insta-Addict", the definition is a little self-explanatory for that. When ever I get a chance to pop on, I scroll through check out the latest post from all my favorite IG-Peeps, and usually what was only suppose to be a quick little 5 minute "Insta-Fix" (you see what I did there), turns in to about 30 mins of double-tapping, commenting, finding new followers and LOLing (yes, I do!).

I thought I would share my go-to FAVE photo editing apps to get all those fun photo effects that turn a ho-hum picture to "Insta-Good" (I can't stop!)

This is usually the process of how I edit:
1. Load into PicTapGo and that perfect filter/effect (what's nice about PicTapGo is you can layer and adjust the filters to your liking, then save it so you have it for the future.) Then I save to my camera roll (unless I am finished, then I load to Instagram using the Instagram-Full option, that way my full photo is loaded an not cropped which IG seems to do if you load through their app.)
2. Load the saved photo into AfterLight. I mainly use this app for fun frames. There are simple boards, fun shapes, or even the popular Instax Film frames. Once I found the right one, I again then save to my camera roll.
3. Load previously saved photo into A Beautiful Mess. Now I add any fun doodles or wording that might give my photo some extra oomph. This app even has neat doodle frames too that are fun to layer in different colors. After I have my finished photo to my liking, I then load to Instagram from this app.

I don't always use all 3 apps together, some times I will settle on just one or 2. But I like creating eye catching photos to share with the IG Community.

Below are some photos that I have posted on IG as examples as to how the apps work and some Before & Afters.

Using PicTapGo

These are those fun Instax Frames I mentioned earlier from AfterLight

Here are a few photos from this last week:

It takes a little bit of time to get that perfect edit for every photo, but I think the outcome is always worth it in my opinion. 

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  1. Pic tap go looks fun! I was using VSCO, but with their new update I can't edit any of my photos. I'll have to give it a go!


    just love

  2. Just downloaded PicTapGo, thanks! Following you on IG too.


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