A nice relaxing weekend. 
Got some time to myself at the salon and a trip to Costco with my mama. 
We were all finally over the sickness (more like a cold) that has been around for the last 2 weeks. So we just took it easy and relaxed. 
Broke out some paints with the kids and got artsy. Trying to get back into painting and drawing again, haven't done it for so long and I have so missed it. 


Have you had the chance to play around with the new video option on Instagram? Been seeing mixed reviews about it. Some love it, while others are annoyed with it. I am one of the ones who love it. While a pictures can say so much with just one shot, a 15 second video can say so much more. They have a mini documentary feel to them. I still want them to have that Instagram feel to them, and not use it as a home video feature. How do you feel about them?
I have posted a few since the feature became available, you can find me on Instagram at @antlersandroses




  1. I am in love with these pictures, did you make that hair spinner board?!?!?!

    1. Thanks girl! No I didn't make the spinner board, isn't it hilarious! It's at a salon that I used to work at and get my hair done at now. It looks like something Urban Outfitters maybe, you could totally make it though I'm sure!


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