It finally felt like summer this weekend- HOT HOT HOT!
I felt bad that we were cooped up in the house all weekend. The kids don't do great with the heat, so we just relaxed in the cool house.
Of course no summer day would be complete without some movies and popsicles- seemed to keep the kids entertained. I even enjoyed some yummy iced coffee- quite refreshing!
The kids were even kind enough to lend their kiddie pool to the dogs so they could beat the heat. They were thankful for it and splashed all weekend!
We did get a few fun moments to let the kids out for some sprinkler fun. Helped relieve some of that cabin fever.
Looking forward to hopefully it cooling off by the end of the week. It will still be in the 90's, but I will take it.

Hope you all stay cool this week if you are in those crazy hot areas and stay dry if you are getting wet weather!
Happy Monday!


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