a reminder // why i love being a mom

Before becoming a mom, my life consisted of working- 2 jobs sometimes. 
Get together's with my girlfriends every Thursday for Bingo or a movie here and there.
Get away's with my Husband (then boyfriend) happened somewhat regularly if there was somewhere we wanted to go.

Of course when you now have kids in the mix, seems thing to change a bit.
Bingo is no more, movies seem to only happen once a year, and what are get away's??
But don't take this as me complaining, I really am not. I love my life now.

My life prior to kids seemed somewhat less exciting than it is now. They make my days more enjoyable and fun. They are spunky little alarm clocks that help me start my mornings off bright an early, followed by morning snuggles on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. I seem to always be busy which is kind of nice, either making meals, painting silly pictures, or watching them run through the sprinklers- each day is never dull. 

By the end of the day, I am usually exhausted- while they are still running around like silly monkeys. (I would like to bottle up their energy). And by night we are all snuggles again as we tuck them into their beds to sleep. Their sweet little kisses warm my heart and reassure me that each day is well worth it. 

My nights aren't spent out with friends, but rather picking up the house and preparing for the next day of fun craziness. Some days are more exhausting than others, but it comes with the territory as they say. And don't get me wrong- I do miss having adult conversations and fun outings on a regular basis, but when they do happen they are definitely enjoyed!

I would love to sit here and tell you that everyday is perfect and wonderful, but then I would be lying. Some days bedtime can't come fast enough. Screaming, fighting, crying on repeat happen regularly too. On those days I just drink a little more coffee and pull out all reserves to make it through the day. And as crazy as a day might be, it still ends the same as every other day- lots of love and sweet kisses

I love being a mom, wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

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