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week 4 //

I had plans of starting a photo challenge- I give you a word and you use it as inspiration for your photo and tagging it with some hashtag... Then I would pick some of my favorites to share, with a different word every week for added fun! But I dropped the ball! I will be brainstorming to get this going ASAP!!!

Now on to these past 2 weeks grams...

mine //

1/ California State of Mind
2/ My not so little littlest
3/ Sister coffee date & a flannel
4/ morning reads & coffee

yours //

1/ @sarahholstrom
2/ @whoajess
3/ @lindseygomesphoto
4/ @jillmarz
5/ @elliezabeth_lee
6/ @meagan_ivory
7/ @birdapparel
8/ @alma_Antigua
9/ @3ritt

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  1. I always wanted to start a photo challenge too! If you need a collaborator, you know where to find me... ;) How do you like Lena's book? I love her.


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