taking stock // week 2

So much excitement in our family this week. My sister and her husband welcomed their first child over the weekend- a handsome little boy! We are all smitten with him!!

Making : an effort to wake up early and make my husband his lunch every morning
Cooking : my husband has been doing most of the cooking right now, been a little exciting with my sister just having her baby this past weekend
Drinking : coffee
Reading: trying to catch up on some blogs
Wanting: a small nap
Looking: at pictures of my new Nephew
Playing: nothing much
Wasting: time on social media (instagram addict)- nothings changed there
Sewing: I need to pull out my machine and work on something
Wishing: for cooler weather and some rain
Enjoying: using my essential oils
Waiting: my essential oil order to arrive
Liking: chunky necklaces
Wondering: what it's going to feel like to be a year older this month
Loving: seeing my kids love on their new baby cousin
Hoping: to get working on a few diy projects soon
Marvelling: my nephew... did I mention he is such a cutie
Needing: some cooking inspiration, feeling like it's the same meals every week
Smelling: essential oils // Thieves is my jam right now!
Wearing: workout clothes
Following: I stopped following what is happening in the news right now, it's stressing me out
Noticing: how fast my kids are growing... why don't they stop
Knowing: my family is amazing
Thinking: I need to be a little more organized
Feeling: lucky for what I have
Bookmarking: photography posts
Opening: nothing much
Giggling: with my littles always

Taking Stock prompt from Meet Me At Mikes // Feel free to share what you are taking stock in, share below or if you have a blog post leave the link in the comments so I can read it!

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