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It's finally feeling like fall.
If you live in California, like myself, then you are probably just as excited as I am.
I have been longing for some cooler weather and maybe even some rain.

Fall means we can bust out that super cute fall attire that we have been hoarding away since last year. And also add to it with all the fun new pieces you have been acquiring for the last few months.
I can't go to Target with out browsing through the flannels and jackets!

I was never a flannel person before, but now I can't get enough of them.
It's probably the one thing I find myself wearing most often lately (even in the 90 degree weather).
I love pulling together different looks with them- dressed up or super casual.


Mixing a fun graphic tee, a flannel and an awesome chunky necklace kind of makes me weak in the knees!
I have been building up my accessory collection lately- I use to wear one boring plastic necklace everyday.
I am constantly on the look out for must have pieces everywhere I go. Target has been my source lately, as well as some great online shops that I have come across through Facebook or Instagram.

I am excited for it to get colder!!
I am ready for actual scarf weather, like yesterday!


What have you been excited to wear for Fall??

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  1. i broke out mine yesterday and was this close to getting this one from target too, until i realize i had one like this hanging in my closet already. oops :)


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