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The other day my husband and I were discussing the when one should give/receive flowers. From my husbands stand point he thinks all holidays that require so, such as anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day, and those other calendar noted holidays. I completely agree with this, but also think those random-acts-of-flower-giving (RAOFG- I will take credit for coining that) are just as special as receiving them on noted holidays.

To me getting flowers out of the blue, has so much more meaning behind it. Thought and extra effort put into getting someone those flowers is definitely swoon-worthy! Take note men (and ladies!). They don't have to be this HUGE amount of flowers, a simple bouquet will do the trick. Heck, they don't even need to come in a vase, I enjoy making up those arrangements myself- kind of therapeutic in a way.


But when those hallmark holidays roll around, it's probably the one gift I look forward to receiving. Fresh flowers and a sweet note will make my day that much more special than any gift. I am definitely a hopeless romantic at heart!

And while it is lovely to receive, it is just as great to give. To those who would least expect it and who would greatly appreciate it. For example, the other day I had an extra arrangement made up and decided I would do a RAOFG (random-act-of-flower-giving). Surprised my sweet neighbor with a lovely bouquet, just because. Her response was better than expected, she was actually quite speechless- WINNING!


I received this bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs last week. I was so excited to come home to see the box at my front door. This sustainable and eco-friendly company makes ordering flowers less of a headache and so enjoyable. Their flowers are grown on the side of a volcano, yes you read that right, in South America and also in the beautiful sunny California. The quality of service and product is quite remarkable. Flowers don't sit in warehouses wilting and waiting to be shipped to customers. They don't harvest until you have ordered- How awesome is that. They also have a hassle-free Concierge Service, schedule those important dates or just because occasions to send flowers to those special people, what other online flower service does that!?

They have such a great selection of beautiful floral arrangements to choose from- these were the Peace Bouquet and I LOVE them! You choose from 3 different price points- I went with the Deluxe and so happy with the amount that I receive. Bouquets ship with in 2-4 days of ordering and sent to the destination of choice. The Bouqs is seriously the best and easiest way to send flowers!

Now go send that special person some Just Because flowers, I guarantee that they will be over-the-moon thrilled!!


  1. Very lovely flowers, while dating my husband would bring me a bouquet ever single time he saw me. It was very sweet of him. :D

  2. That's so sweet of him. Definitely made for a fond memory too! Flowers are always so special to receive for any occasion. Xo


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