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I am an avid Instagram user. I find great joy in taking fun pictures, whether they are some what staged or purely candid and sharing them with others. I love finding new grammers to follow who share the same interests in there photo taking. I think my favorite part of using Instagram, is there their are really no rules (well there are, but I'm not talking about those rules) you can post whatever- whether it be hundreds of photos of coffee shops (I would so devote a bazillion photos to cute coffee shops) or one beautiful skyline after another, it's your little space to call your own and share your heart.

I thought I would start a little weekly series to share some of my favorite photos from Instagram: mine + yours. I always love reading these on other blogs, its a great way to find new people to follow.

mine ::

1 // I framed our vintage flag in our living room with a frame I bought for $5!
2 // I have been trying to perfect my cold brewing (coffee). Still haven't found the right recipe- if you have one or know of one leave me a link in the commets!
3 // Had an awesome weekend of Essential Oil classes
4 // I am obsessed with gaudy necklaces, "vintage" tees, and pretty kimonos- all at once obviously

yours ::

1 // indimoonrose :: I love her composition and the moodiness in her photos. You totally get what she is saying through her photos with out reading it's caption

2 // kendrabeshk :: This girl. She's something special. Her heart is beautiful, and so is her family. Her photos make you smile.

3 // girlsfort :: This mama is just the coolest. She makes me want to move to Oregon and visit all the amazing places she frequents.

4 // lainarbowen :: Her photos are just so stunning. They draw you in, and you can literally get lost looking at her photos- in a non-creeper way.

Go check out all these lovely ladies. Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers to follow?? Please do share.

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