2 Weeks...

14 1/2 Months!! I successfully nursed G to 14 1/2 months! For something I never thought was going to happen, I did it! We had a few ups and downs along the way, but with a lot of support and guidance from family, friends and a visit early on to a Lactation Consultant, WE did it! 
I had learned tons of different tricks that I wish I would have known when trying to nurse L. With her I had to pump non-stop for about 6 months, until it just became so overwhelming and my supply ran short. So when I had G, I was so determined to make it work! 

   And here we are now... 2 weeks after hitting that 14 1/2 month mark, and we are no longer nursing. G made the transition super easy, with no fuss at all really. Me...not so much. 

  I was looking forward to no longer nursing, not that I didn't like it anymore, I just knew in time we would come to a stopping point. And when we did, it would mean that I would be able to venture out into the world outside of our home, childless...well only for that moment at least. Don't get me wrong, I love my children to death and really I don't like being with out them. But we all need that 1/2 to an hour of just pure Mommy Time. To collect our thoughts and basically just BREATHE! So of course I was so excited to have accomplished this new milestone. Or so I told myself I was. On the outside I was jumping up and down!! Not only did this mean Mommy Time, but this also meant that my intake of caffeine was going to increase and help jump start my mornings! And sure enough I have had about 3-4 cups of coffee everyday the last 2 weeks! (Crazy I know!) 

Okay, back to what I was trying to get at. I was so excited!! But for some reason, these last 2 weeks, I have really been nothing but an emotional mess! I am not even kidding, I literally cry over nothing, really! I am actually fighting back silly tears right now! Why was I not informed that when ever I decided to stop nursing that my hormones would be completely thrown out of whack! I am good at preparing myself for lots of stuff, but this I was not! I keep reading that I could be like this for couple months, until all these crazy little hormones decided to level out to normal again. REALLY!?! I don't like bawling for no reason, especially while I am trying to unload the dishwasher or fold the laundry! But I have 2 weeks under my belt now and who knows how many more to go! I started taking vitamins to try and kick start them. And while trying to deal with this emotional roller coaster, I found it comforting in knowing  that I am not the only Mommy who has ever gone through this....


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