Yesterday was such a whirlwind and all together amazing day. We have been trying to plan a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for over a year now, the day finally came. We told the kids about 2 weeks about that the trip was on, but of course 2 weeks to them felt like an eternity. Every day they would wake up and ask "How many more days!?" When out and about they would inform friends and even strangers how many more days until our trip to the Aquarium. On day "4 more days" my mom and I had to decided to go the day before we were originally planning due to possible rain. But we decided to not tell the kids. So yesterday when they woke up- "How many more days!?" "You still have one!" Got them all loaded into the car to go pick GiGi up because "her car wasn't working so we are going to drive her". Then we hit the road- this was our long road trip with them and they were such troopers.

As we got to the half way point they started to ask where we were going- "We are going to a special park." That led to a million and one questions about what kind of park we were going to. As we hit the home stretch it was all a matter of follow the signs to our destination. I was just waiting for Lil Miss to catch on and read one of them, when in a matter of minutes she did. Screams of joy ensued and they could not contain their excitement! 

They day was like a dream come true for them! They couldn't wait to get home to Dad to tell them about how they went a whole day early and share with him all the exciting and cool things they saw. We are itching to get back up there already- hopefully sooner than later!

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