Homemade Coconut Scrub

I have dry, flaky skin.
Especially right now with all this crazy weather changing!
I did some research and of course the cure all popped up all over, Coconut Oil! DUH!
So I took it a step further and decided to make a nice scrub to also help exfoliate.
Who doesn't love a two-fer!!? (2 for one)
It's super easy to whip up real quick, plus with the holidays right around the corner, it's perfect for those
who like to make their gifts for others.
Did I mention it smells AMAZING!

Mix 1 cup of white sugar (I am sure you could use raw sugar if you choose to, but I didn't have any) with 1/2 cup Virgin Coconut Oil and mix together until it is well combined. It's best to use the coconut oil at room temperature, it's easier to work with (but you don't want it too liquefied either).
Put into a jar with lid if not using right away. I used a pint size mason jar, cause who doesn't love using mason jars for everything!

You can add any essential oils to it if you have any favorites. I opted not to because I love the smell of coconut. Also, I suggest using virgin coconut oil because it still has all the vitamins and nutrients unlike the pressed or refined coconut oil (which also doesn't have the coconut smell like the virgin oil does).


  1. Love this! I made myself a lavender one to calm myself {Sometime I can be a bit uptight lol}, but I love the smell of coconut too! So I must do this :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lavendar is such a good idea too! Perfect to before bed!! I needed something for my icky dry skin!!! Hoping it helps! ;)

  2. What a great idea! I'm always buying the scrubs for myself, now I can start making them.

    Lillies & Silk

    1. I am so bad at buying them that I hope if I make them now I will actually use them...

  3. I need to try this one! I LOVE coconut oil and the smell of coconut. I just posted more scubs on my blog yesterday!

  4. Nice to know that you also support the use of coconut oil. I'm also using this great supplement for a long time now. I believe in all coconut oil benefits that were mentioned here because I have tried and tested it myself. Coconut oil is so effective in moisturizing my skin and in conditioning my hair.


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