'Tis the Season

It's that time of year again.
Yes, there's the Holiday's, yummy food, and gatherings with family and friends.
Which are always fun and full of memories.
But sometimes with all that joy and yuletide comes the Holiday Germs!
And it has made it's stop at our house!
Last night was eventful. Started out in my bed by myself, then Lil Man joined me. Not long after Lil
Miss hopped in. It being 1 am, Lil Man thought it was time to have a sicky party.
Joyful screams bounced of the walls!!
I kicked him out and back to his own bed he went.
I think we all finally fell asleep around 2 am. Although I was kicked at all night, flashbacks of being preggers!
Now I have 2 snotty, tired munchkins and a sick, exhausted Mama!
But as sick as we all are, I am loving all the extra snuggles!
'Tis the Season!!


  1. Girlfriend, I am right there with you. We had to leave our Thanksgiving vacation a day early because our little guy was a sickie. And then he gladly passed his germs my way...blegh.

  2. My whole family is sick, too. I just envy the snuggles. My daughter was running a 101 degree fever a few days back, and it didn't slow her down one bit!


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