rosalee // the beginning

Awhile back I had planted the seed in my Husbands head that I wanted to get a vintage trailer. I didn't really have a style in mind, but I just knew I wanted it to be old and lovely. He had mentioned on several occasions that he "thought he found the one" but the situation always seemed to fall through. Until last week when he came home with some EXCITING news!
He had found one! THE ONE!
There pictured on his tiny phone screen was my '68 dream on wheels, as I called her. I SQUEALED! Just from that photo I could tell this was a match made in heaven! And I couldn't wait to get here home. She arrived last weekend and my mind started spinning with ideas and design! I was like a freakin' kid in a candy shop!
We went in last night a ripped up the carpet plus linoleum flooring hiding underneath, cleaned out the broken glass and pulled out the cushions. We started in on some major deep cleaning. Excited that this process is starting so soon.
Oh! And of course I had to name her, because why not! So I picked Rosalee, no real meaning behind it other than it was the first name to pop into my head and well, I love the show Grimm.
Can't wait to share the process here as we start to bring life back to her. The kids are already chomping at the bit to go camping already, so we better get this show on the road!

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