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Reading // I am on a mission to finish reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Successfully made it to chapter 5... I am a such a sucker for sappy love stories and so far this one is good. Some great human as well to keep interesting. And of course there is a movie schedule for release, so I would like to be done before that comes out. *fingers crossed it flop like most book-movies do*.

Working on // There seems to be so much I am working on lately. A lot of it is around the house.
  • Decorating the kids bedrooms- They now have their own rooms, so it's been fun personalizing each on for them. They both received "big kid beds" for Christmas with new sheets- they were pretty stoked on that. Finding fun prints from some of my favorite Etsy shops ( The Printed Palette & BC Prints ) Still have a ways to go, but they are turning out pretty cute.
  • Master Bedroom-  Painted a giant accent wall that our bed is on in a charcoal grey. LOVE it! Lots of fun gold pieces up the night stands- mirrors, antlers, lamps. With moving the kids into their own rooms, I had to give up my Craft Room/Office. I moved my desk into our bedroom and made myself a cute little workspace that I love. Working on getting some things on a few walls, and then I think I can call it done in there.
  • Guest Bathroom- When we moved into the house and started the remodel process, I wasn't sure what style I was going for really. So when it came to picking a color and theme for the guest bath I was totally stumped! I picked a random yellow and called it good. And that's about as far as I got with any sort of design in there. I couldn't find anything that I felt belong in there to mesh with the color. I finally decided I was going to paint it, WHITE- perfect blank canvas. My inspiration was Elsie's Bathroom // A Beautiful Mess. I LOVE it!
  • Living room, kitchen, dining room- Not a whole lot of big changes going on in these rooms. Mainly filling up wall space with things that represent us. Have plans to make a coffee station in the dining room which I am completely giddy about! And maybe a shelf over the kitchen sink.
I should probable to a post on a home tour or something- seems there is a lot to be shared there (putting that down on the list of things to do)

Loving // I love being back in a salon. Even though it's one day a week, it's just enough to make me feel complete! I had been thinking of getting back into one for a while and things had a way of working out in my favor which I am so thankful for! Having all that creativity at the tips of fingers on a weekly basis is so awesome. Mixing color, new cuts, and fun blow outs! In Hairdresser Heaven ;)

Listening to // Ever since his epic Super Bowl performance, I have had Bruno Mars' album on repeat! It's so good... If you don't have it, go get it now and then you can thank me later! You're welcome in advance!

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