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A while back I came across an online class that talked about photographing more real moments in a family's life. Less posed- more raw and candid moments. I absolutely fell in love with this whole concept of family photography. Some of my favorite photos of my kids are when they have no clue I am even taking a picture of them.

I decided I want this to be available as one of my photo packages to choose from. How fun would it be to spend a few hours with a family while they are home baking cookies or doing some of their favorite arts and crafts. Or join them at their favorite park that they visit every week. Or lunch at their favorite spot or a stroll through Farmer's Market. I think you get it. So at some point soon I will have all the details available for those who might be interested in doing one.

Yesterday I decided to just focus on photographing my 2 little ones through out the day. Nothing set up, just capture moments through out the day as they happen. I didn't put them in a special outfit, didn't clean up their rooms, I even left the peanut butter and jelly their sweet cheeks (well I tried but that was a battle I wasn't going to force)- I just photographed them how they were and acted. To some a picture of breakfast might not be anything special, but kids LOVE bagels and they love PB & Js so to have some of these moments saved for the future I think are kind of special. These are the moments I am going to want to remember years down the road. I am hoping to putting these all in a book and make a point to do one of these shoots for my own family every so often.


  1. These pics of your littles are SO so sweet Heidi! I love the moments, details, and light that you capture on camera!

  2. SO sweet Heidi!!!! Gosh you take some great pictures!!!

  3. I absolutely love the idea of this + it's one of my New Years Resolutions actually. I want to capture more of the candid moments we have as a family AND I want to get in front of the camera more, too! These photos are absolutely gorgeous!


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