Back in September (consider this a #latergram-ish) my sister and her husband welcomed a handsome little guy to their family. Before he made his grand arrival there were a few false alarms and visits to the hospital hoping it was a "today's the day" visit. The first couple weren't but I felt so lucky to be able to come sit with them as they waited for their little guy to decide what was up.

I brought my camera down on one of their false alarm hospital stays and snapped a few images around the room as we patiently waited and waited.


What felt like a lifetime, but was only a few short weeks later, this handsome little guy arrived. He is just absolutely perfect in every sense. I am so proud of my sister and brother-in-law, they are amazing parents. And I feel so blessed that we all get to be apart of his life and watch him grow- which seems to be happening really fast!

His eyes just melt you!


  1. Agggggg so precious! LOVE these to death.

  2. These pictures capture the moment so perfectly. I envy your sister. What a cutie. Nice work.

    1. Thank you Bre! I feel so lucky to watch this little guy grow up!


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