mustache bash // lil guy turns 2

When it comes to throwing my kids birthday parties, I like to think outside "the kid birthday box". I really am not a fan of the traditional kid birthday themes, not saying that they are bad ideas (totally not knocking them if that's what you choose) I just personally have never been a fan of them. And I am sure now that I say this, when my kids have an opinion to choose their themes in the future, they will probably opt for those traditional themes.
 So when it came to throwing Lil Man his 2nd birthday party, of course I had to do mustaches! (Although this theme has become more common lately with the mustache craze, I still love it!) I went nuts about 2 weeks prior up until the day of getting things ready! I actually even decorated the house about a week before the actual party! I was trying to make less work and stress for myself, and I have to say that it really helped!! I am usually a last minute person with everything, so getting lots done in advance was pretty much amazing.
 I have to say, that I am extremely happy with how the entire day went. Lots of smiles and laughter through out the house- I think that equals SUCCESS!
  • I covered our hutch with one of those plastic table cloths. I rubbed chalk all over it to give it that chalkboard look, did this before I hung it up. I wish I would have put the table cloth in the sun or something to get rid of the fold-lines, but it worked for what it was.
  • I found a mustache paper punch and went crazy punching out little mustaches and made some garland with them using the sewing machine. I love how it turned out (it was a pain to untangle though when the kids got a hold of them several times!)
  • If you don't have a pom pom maker- GET ONE! I know there are tons of tricks out there to make them, but using the pom pom maker made it go quick and less problems! Strung it up to make a fun garland.
  • I ordered these cardboard banner cut outs to make his birthday banner. 
  • Used some tissue balls to hang up to a fun, unexpected element above the dessert table.

 I tried to keep everything in the Black & White theme, the food as well. Also trying to keep them as "mustache-manly" as possible, but kid appropriate. Trail mix, pretzels, cookies, chocolate, tootsie rolls, marshmallows... For actual nutritional food, we had ribs and meatloaf sliders- which were completely gone by the time I went to go snap pictures of them!

 Drink station! Mini water bottles covered in mustache duct tape, topped with mustache bottle toppers. I grabbed a pack of bottled Starbucks from Costco to make "milk" bottles (don't worry, no drop of Starbucks wasted in the process!) Seriously the easiest and cheapest way to get the look of those vintage milk bottles; just a little soaking and scrubbing and TADA! Added a little "Wet Your Whiskers" tag with some mini mustaches to tie into the theme. I found these stacking drink dispensers at Target, great space saver, plus super cute!

 For favors, I grabbed treat bags so everyone could take as much sugar home with them so it wasn't left at my house! Less I have to store and hide from the kids, the better!

Most importantly, my Lil Guy had so much fun! He was of course spoiled, with not only gifts, but LOTS of love!!!

 Now to start planning Lil Miss' 4th birthday! Luckily I have until December to get that all squared away!!


  1. this is so great. every detail is perfect! great job mama!!

  2. Super cute! You did a great job!!

  3. wow. you are so talented. everything looks great. I love how snazzy everything looks and he is running around in his diaper.. too cute.

  4. This all looks great! I hope to have a cute party like this one day!


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