confession // i don't make my bed

Hopefully my Mother doesn't see this post!
She might be disappointed, all those years of sending us back to our room to to fix those sheets & straighten that pillow. Okay so she wasn't really that strict, she just wanted us to make our bed every morning, probably just like EVERY other mother out there.
Well Mom, cats out of the bag on this one... I don't make my bed EVERY morning! 
WAIT! Before we call the 'Bed Making Police' I have a few reasons as to why I don't make it ALL the time...
  • It's too hard to snuggle with the munckins when it's already made. Have you tried it? So uncomfortable right!?
  • Climbing under the sheets is the best place to hide when playing hide-&-seek! If the bed is made, clearly everyone can see you on top of the tucked in sheets!
  • The bundled up pile of sheets at the end of the bed make a great foot rest for when you are reading a book. 
  • And basically, it's just going to get unmade again when I go to bed, so what's the point in putting in all that effort...
Now while I do have reasons for not making my bed, I also have a few IMPORTANT reasons why I do make my bed when I do make it...
  • If we are having a party/get together and I know there is going to be a handful of people, I will make my bed knowing that someone is going to need to use our bathroom when the guest bath is tied up!
  • If I happen to be in CLEAN FREAK mode, an unmade bed just doesn't sit well with a SPOTLESS house.
  • And the most IMPORTANT reason for making my bed when I do.... If I know my Mother will be over! Yep, can't let Mom see my bed a disaster! I can't ruin that "Perfect Child" image for her! {LOL} 
And now the evidence!

So glad I got this off my chest!
I hope everyone who reads this, gets that this is a complete joke!
Mom thought I was serious!


  1. I'm right there with ya! I rarely have a nice and tidy bed... too much effort to just mess it up again!

  2. I NEVER make my bed! Well, OK maybe twice a year, but no more than that!

  3. Confession is good for the soul! Glad you got that off your chest, but now my eye is twitching: the thought of an unmade bed sends my Type A personality into a tailspin. (But I promise, I won't tell your mom)!

  4. This is hilarious.

  5. I would say maybe once a month I might make the effort to make mine, but that's only on a good month! ;)

  6. you are adorable! I found your blog on hellocotton and am instantly following :) x

  7. haha so funny! i'm crazy about having a made bed but i feel ya!
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  8. I miss my lincoln logs. You just reminded me of them. I wonder if my mom still has them. And I don't make my bed either :P

  9. Heidi, I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for becoming our brand-spankin'-newest follower. It seriously means so much to me!

    This post had me cracking up. A few years ago, I would've "died" at the thought of leaving our bed unmade. Now, with Little Miss Maile, even on the days I make it, it's usually unmade before 1 PM! I guess that's what happens when you have a wee monkey runnin' around, haha. Except ... our all white and cream bedding doesn't look nearly as pretty as yours, all crumpled up and jumbled everywhere!

    Looking forward to getting to know you. :)


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