little man, not so little

I decided it was time to give Little Man a haircut! Although I hate having to trim his little locks, it was much needed! It's amazing what a simple haircut can do; one minute he's this little baby boy and then the next he is a little man boy!! I have trimmed his hair in the past here and there, but it has always been such a challenge to get him to sit still or keep his tiny chubby fingers away from the sharp blades. So pulled in all my go-to resources to ensure I could get a FULL haircut. 
Mickey Mouse.
Bowl full of Skittles.
Double Check.
What is normally a 30 minute stress-ball battle, was a quick 10 minute snip snip!!
New fresh do and a sticky face!


  1. So handsome! I love his little curls on too! I have to pull Mickey or Super Why out for haircuts too. (:

  2. I wish my hairdresser would ply me with lollies! he looks great

  3. He's so cute! The first time we trimmed my twins' hair I almost cried because it literally took an instant and they were suddenly big boys.

  4. Handsome little man. I love that phone stand.


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