love // our story

I guess you could say its comparable to that typical romantic movie.
Guy meets Girl
Girl likes Guy
They fall in love.
Happily Ever After!
Okay, so there is definitely more to it than that... For this story we are going to need to go way way back, like 8th grade way back. That's not where Our Story begins, but it's where we met. 8th grade is basically where our friendship started. I can remember that we for sure had Math together. And luckily for me, we were seat next to each other... This is where I confess that I may or may not have copied some of those crazy math problems from Jared, he's a Math-Boy Genius! 
Alright now time to fast forward a bit to High School; still friends and we some how managed to still have classes together. 
 So now we are to the point where the Story starts. 
It all started our Sophomore year, 2002. With out boring you with crazy detail, we were both assigned to be in a Freshman Life Science class because we took an Animal Science our Freshman year (really it's a long story). I was actually glad that I knew a few kids in the class, him being one of them. As weeks went on in school, I started to develop a slight crush on Jared. And later I would find out from a mutual friend that he had a MAD crush on me! (Well, I don't know if it was a MAD crush but I'd like to think so).
It wasn't until a few weeks later that he asked me to meet him after our last class because he had something ask me. And class couldn't have gone any slower! What was he going to ask??!
Bell rings.
I run....I mean walk gracefully to our meeting spot, and there he stood.
My heart was pounding!
And then he spoke those 5 special words...
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
Uuh, DUH!
I actually think I said something along the lines of, "What took you so long!?"
And so from that moment on we were together all through out High School.
He was my date to Senior Prom.
He was my first Kiss.
He told me he LOVED me.
He was there when I needed to talk through my parents divorce.
He walked with me at Graduation.
He was my Best Friend.
After High School, about a month exactly, he left for school in Wyoming. It was the scariest thing ever. He was there for 15 months. The longest 15 months of my life. While we got to see each other on breaks, there were times we weren't able to talk. But we were so committed to each other and made it work. After he got back we continued to grow as a couple and eventually a few years later we moved into together.
At this point I think we were together now for about 7 years.
And then in April 2009 our lives would be changed forever, for the better.
We found out I was pregnant. We were both completely scared, but excited and over the moon that we were going to be parents. After telling our parents and family the good news, we decided to get married. I had initially wanted to wait until later in the year, but instead we decided to just go for it.
About 2 weeks after finding our we were expecting, we were engaged and then about a month later we were married!

We then moved back in with my mom so we could save money before the baby came. We wanted to get our own house, and paying rent wasn't something we wanted to do long term. We wanted a place to call home and start our family. But that would be a little longer than expected.
And then on December 11, 2009, we welcomed one of the most amazing gifts, our beautiful baby girl!
She would make life that much better. Full of laughter and so much love!
The following year we finally found a house to call a home. We were officially home owners! A place for our little girl to grow up, where we would have family dinners, celebrate Christmas and many birthdays.
Our Home!
A fixer upper for sure, but it was perfect. My mom was so amazing to let us continue to live with her while we renovated. And not long after buying our home and painting Little Miss' room pink, we learned that we were expecting again!
On March 27, 2011, we were blessed with another bundle of joy! 
A handsome little guy, a little brother to his amazing big sister! We were complete, one of each, both perfect in every way possible.

Fast forward to present day, 2013 and here we are. Still together, going strong, if not closer than ever before! Together for almost 11 years, and will celebrate 4 years married in May. We still love each other like crazy, and still drive each other crazy! I am so happy and proud to call Jared my best friend, my love, my companion, my husband, my life.
This is our story.


  1. What a beautiful story!!! I am such a sap for love stories.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

    <3 Erin

  2. Thanks Erin!! I am a sucker for love stories too! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

  3. What a beautiful love story! I love that you guys were highschool sweethearts! Hope you guys have a very happy valentine's day!

  4. Great story (and great pajamas at the end!).

  5. Thank you Ashley! Hope you have a wonderful day as well!!

  6. Aren't they the cutest!! I am a little sad they no longer fit in them any more.

  7. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Lovely story and great pictures! :) Looking forward to checking out your blog some more.


  8. I love that this was the first post I've read on your blog, it was a beautiful introduction to you and your family! I'm a new follower, found through Ceri's guest hosting your blog hop.
    I'm looking forward to reading more :)
    Elena xx


  9. This is an amazing story! You guys are so sweet together and your family is sooo beautiful!

  10. Loved reading your story and getting to know you. New follower stopping by from the GFC Collective.


  11. So glad you liked it! Thank you for enjoying!

  12. LOVED reading your story! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! xoxo.

  13. Me too, loved to read your story, just beautiful...stopping by and following just for the first time at GFC collective, greetings from Germany, noni@ http://ohiloveyoumydear.blogspot.de/

  14. This is such a lovely story, I just found your blog through taking part in my first GFC Collective Blog Hop and this just seemed like the perfect introduction to you and your family. 11 years together is amazing, I love it when high school loves last (it makes for such a great story!) and you guys seem absolutely lovely together. Such a cute family. Looking forward to keeping up with your story xo

  15. new follower from the hop - thanks for hosting! I love this post, what a great way to spread the love on valentines day!


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