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     Since starting Project Life 365, which has only been 3 days, it has really pushed and motivated me to use my camera more. I guess you could say I have been in a photography-slump lately. Going from doing shoots all the time...to having none at the moment, kind of makes you doubt yourself as a photographer. Not saying that I am anywhere near being professional, but I love taking pictures, good pictures at that and when you have no fire burning under your tush to push you, your creativity seems to disappear. 
But with this project, I have been determined to shoot everyday. No matter what or where, I will bring my 
camera with me and capture something. 
These past few days I have been enjoying snapping some candid's of the munchkins. Playing with light and and different techniques. 
Today we had some "Awesome Time"

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  1. beautiful pictures!!!! new follower!!

  2. These pictures are adorable! What cute kiddos!

  3. I seriously cannot handle the cuteness that this brings! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being AWESOME!

    1. Aww! Thank you for AWESOME Tees! WE LOVE THEM!!

  4. This project is an amazing keepsake for those with young kids. It will be SO fulfilling at the end! Yes, it really does push you and flex your creative muscles. I also created a time-lapse sort of video to watch how the year played out...highly reccommend doing that too!

    1. It totally is, I think that's why I am so loving it too! I have been plugging each pic into my Project 365 app each day, and I will probably try to create a video too in the end. I have been seeing tons of collages from everyone who did it last year. I am so excited for this!

  5. Your little boy has your eyes! Great shots too. I love Project Life 365. I don't think I would have found out about it if it weren't for you, so thanks. Capturing memories is the best way not forget them, especially if you have kids. Keep up the good work.

    -Kacie @ mommaexperience.blogspot.com

    1. I love that you said that, I see so much of my Husband in both kids...But since you mentioned it I do see it!! YAY!! lol I love this whole project! I had fun taking more pictures today for tomorrows word!
      Thank you so much Kacie!

  6. These pictures are so fantastic. What a great crew you have.

    New follower from hop!


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