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Happy Friday my Lovely Friends! 
Hope you all had a FABULOUS week!
Awesome Links this week. Plus found some new Blogs to follow. Some times I find myself "Sidebar Hopping" as I like to call it! I scan through all the lovely sponsor sidebars on blogs, click all their sponsor ads they have listed, which leads me to new fun bloggies to follow. 
So with that here are some links that I you will enjoy! 

                                                                  Source: chevronstitches.blogspot.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Ashley from Chevron Stitches shares her awesome recipe for Laundry Detergent. If you haven't made any yet, you must! You only need about a TBSP for each load, it last FOREVER!! My mom made me a large container of it when we moved into our house, almost 3 years ago, I have only had to refill it once and on average I do about 1-2 loads of laundry a day. It's a great money saver, plus you know what the ingredients are so no harsh-sneaky chemicals causing any allergy problems!

                                                                           Source: swellandstylish.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Nicole from Swell and Stylish shares some of her favorite items for winter time! I literally want to throw all these pieces on and bundle up by a nice warm fire!! How cute is that head wrap!!

                                                                      Source: mybilliedesigns.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Melanie from My Billie shared a DELICIOUS looking cocktail! I think I need one STAT! I am not sure I have ever tried a blood orange, but this makes me want to start my own Blood Orange Farm/Orchard (what ever you call orange garden places.) I will have to makes this and get back to you...

                                                                  Source: milespapaandme.blogspot.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Cora from Miles Papa and Me..... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! How cute are these!! You have to check this DIY out! Now I am on the hunt for a cute little vest or jean jacket for my munchkins so I can do this!! LOOOVE it!

                                                                  Source: nicolescoffeeshop.blogspot.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Nicole from Gypsy in Jasper shows what you could wear in case you were headed out for a night of Karaoke! I love this post!! I would never be caught singing karaoke, unless plenty of strong alcohol was involved. And if that were to happen, then I would definitely know what to wear to rock that mic! 

                                                                   Source: laurawinslowphotography.com via Heidi on Pinterest

Laura from Laura Winslow Photography || Blog shares an app she found that allows you to print all those Instagram pictures you have stored in your phone. I am so excited about this, I keep saying that I am going to do this, but never know which company to go through and if they will be a good quality print. She mentioned using another app that didn't have such great prints (quality) so I will definitely be giving this app a try. I am have been wanting to make a fun photo collage with some of my IG pictures, so this will be a great start to that project!

There you have it! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!!
What were some of you favorite links this week?? 
Leave the link in the comments, so I can check them out!!
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. blood orange cocktail! :P want to taste it xD

    im following you. mind follow me back?
    visit my blog ^^

  2. Hey Heidi! Thanks so much for including me in your links!

    I'm a sidebar hopper, too. Sometimes that's the best way to find a new friend. xx

  3. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Although I am not a mama yet, I am also an ex-hairstylist :)

    I definitely want to start making my own laundry detergent + other household items!

  4. keeping the DIY detergent idea! thanks for sharing it!


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