recently from... target (2nd edition)

Guess where I have been...
Shocking?? No, not really, but we can pretend!
I have been trying to revamp my wardrobe lately. Make it a better reflection of me and how I feel.
Of course Target is my place of choice lately.
They have been on a roll with the new designers they have and all the fun prints and silhouettes!
I am pretty happy with how cute my closet looks lately. 
And of course my Kids Closet too...
 With it being 2013 now, I couldn't pass up this zig-zag planer. And the green journal was on clearance for $4 (reg. $10), going to jot down all my thoughts and ideas that pop in my lil brain for the blog, in an effort to get more organized this year!
These colors are so yummy adorable. 

The shoes... No words!
I the sweat pants and top are so comfy, and not usually something I would buy. I follow Ascot Friday on Instagram along with Deep in the Hart, who both collaborate on the AMAZING Target Does It Again. I stalk their Instagram Feed daily to see what new items have hit the racks or what's newly on clearance. The best part is they take you into the dressing room and show you how it fits, or different ways to wear certain items with other ones. If you haven't checked them out yet...DO IT!

I am so in love with this dress. I need to wear it some where STAT!! The mustard zipper is GORG!!
Might just have to do a special post just for this dress!!

I am sad to say, that I am going to be cutting down on my Trips and Purchases to Target...
Unless we need a the usual diaper and wipes run, I won't pass up that trip to Target...I will still browse, and occasionally drool.
But don't worry my friends, it's not the end of the world! It's for good reason...
We finally got a family size vehicle! I have been driving my trusty, crayola smelling VW Jetta for 8 years... 
While there were some great times with that car, I am so STOKED on the new one!!
Hmmm Maybe I should introduce it to the Target parking lot... They could be great friends!!!


  1. Congrats on the new car mama!!! I also haven't told you how much I love your new blog design yet - LOVE! We have been doing a bunch of Target shopping too. I must say it is my favorite go-to store for all of us!

  2. Gosh I just adore Target - you can never go wrong! I am going on the hunt ASAP for that adorable day planner. 2013 calls for a fresh slate, even if my current planner goes to August...
    Also those booties/shoes? are RAD! IN. LOVE. They are one of those buys my boyfriend tends to hate... but I can't get enough of ;)

    And lastly of course gorgeous new ride!! Yay for you dear!
    Happy New year!
    XOX Angela

  3. I wanted that planner too and the dress. I got a sweater and random things instead! :)

  4. You scored some awesome stuff!! I LOVE Target!! Seriously, I get a high just walking through those doors and getting that blast of cold air....lol, okay that sounded pathetic haha!! Our Target is so late on stocking all the awesomeness the girls at Target Does it Again post! Being in Hawaii, (they still stock winter stuff here...so weird)I don't even get a chance to wear a lot of it :( But I was lucking to score that zigzag day planner a few days before the new year. :)

  5. Congrats on the new car! Enjoy that new car high while you can. I got a new car in May and sometimes I walk up to it with a big grin because I remember it's all mine. And that dress is amazing. I wish I wasn't watching my money or I'd go to Target too. :(

    - Kaileigh @ SomehowChaotic.blogspot.com

  6. Congrats on the new car!! Love that dress, too!

  7. I wanna go to Target right now! lol Congrats on the new car!

  8. Super cute items from Target!! Love the post - im a new follower. Would love for youto check out my blog!

    Happy 2013!


  9. Why hello! I found your blog via the hop - just in time to see you got a new car! It's awesome! I can't wait to upgrade to a big, family-sized car today. With another bambino on the way, I'll need one!


  10. Whoa, your new car is a beaut! Do me a favor and let me know, am I a no-reply blogger now? Somehow I effed something up.

    1. Ok so I replied to this via email....Did you get it???

  11. That's so exciting about the new car! Congratulations! Happy New Year love!

  12. Congrats on your new car and all but... I love our Jetta. Of course it's only 6 months old but it's already trusty and I already have major jealousy pains each time my husband drives it to work. Sigh. Why couldn't MY car's transmission have dropped!??! Haha!

    So glad to have found you through the blog hop. Good luck at The Targets. They suck you in. And you know what? That's okay. Cause sometimes a sale is a sale.

    Would love if you would come say hi! Happy New Year! http://likeordinarylife.com

  13. Haha you're so funny! Target parking lot sounds perfect to me!

  14. My jetta and beetle smelled like crayons too!!!! haha. love the new whip :)

  15. Hi Heidi!! I think one of the worst things about living in NYC is there is no target! Haha, congrats on the new car :)


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