typical day

 Most of our days run like clock-work and run smooth with minor kinks... Other days I am counting down the minutes until my hubby gets home to help me wrangle these silly monkeys!
Here are some snippets from a typical day in our house.
:: Morning snuggles in our bed ::
:: If I am home all day, I literally just wear work out clothes and shoes (most of the time with no intention of actually working out. French Toast, dishes, Hubby makes some lunch for work, and more dishes ::
:: Food coma, cartoons (yes, my kids watch TV, judge away all you want). I will introduce you to 1 of our 3 dogs. He is my vacuum through out the day ::
:: Hoping she's a Yankee Girl like her Mama!! ::
:: PB&J ::
:: It always looks like a tornado tore through the house... And I can't stand it, so 5 minutes after I took this picture I picked it all up and vacuumed the entire floor. I have become OCD about this since becoming a mom LOL ::
:: Nap time for everyone... well 2 out of 3 ::
:: Dress Up (the closet is her Castle) ::
:: She asked for a bath ::

So that's as exciting as it gets. The rest of the day usually consist of cuddling, cuddling, coloring, cuddling, snacks, attack Dad when he gets home, cuddling, dinner, bath, bed. 


  1. Very cute. I know the whole tornado thing through the house and have a hard time with it as well. I am always going through and picking up (stepping on) small toys everywhere

  2. I just love the slice-of-life, and your comment about TV totally made me laugh out loud. I took a picture of Matt on Monday morning for my Friday "sweet little things" post, and yes, it was of him in his jammies relaxing on my bed watching cartoons. Oh horror of horrors. All I could think was of what I'd write: "Yes, my child watches TV. And sometimes I bring him to McDonald's. There, I said it. Sue me!"

    I want French Toast now.

  3. Your day looks so much like mine! And my kids watch tv too (gasp!!!), and Lord knows I love it because it gives me a break. :) And I know all about the tornado thing too, and picking up, I feel like it's all I do. :)


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