childhood unplugged // escaping the heat

we ventured down the coast yesterday to escape the heat and enjoy some ocean breeze. the kids were stoked, might have been because new sand toys. we don't live that far from the beach and this is going to sound crazy, but we've maybe been to the beach 4-5 times since the kids were born. YIKES! trying to make a point to venture out more. i think they are ready to go back now actually, so we will be planning another trip soon!
also, i am sure you have notice or you didn't, that some things have changed a little today. i have changed the name of this little space- third times a charm. i was needing change and trying to get back into having more posts flowing through here. i thought it was best to separate my photography name and this blog, keep this space more of a personal blog. fingers crossed that this is what will make things happen!

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