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I have a funny story for you.
When I was in high school I wore glasses. And not for the reasons you would think.
I wore them because I so desperately wanted to. I was envious of others who had an actual need for them.
One day at a random teeny bopper mall shop I found the cutest black rimmed glasses (no perscription of course), and I couldn't resist getting them. From that day on I wore them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!
I think I eventually convinced myself that I actually needed them too.

It wasn't until later in that school year that my cover was blown. I ended up loosing them and I was so heart broken, I felt so off with out them on. About a week after I lost them I was sitting in my history class and we were watching a movie. I sat at the back of the class, I sat in the back of all of my classes if I was able too. I noticed my teacher staring at me and trying to get my attention. She motioned that I could move up to the front of the class, umm thanks but no thanks. I gave her a puzzled look and she said "I've noticed you haven't been wearing your glasses and wanted to make sure you could see the TV ok so feel free to move closer." 

I laughed inside and then I decided to let her in on my secret. She started cracking up and thought for sure I needed them to actually see things and felt bad when she noticed I wasn't wearing them for a few days. It was the best.

Now I love collecting fun pairs of glasses to wear and continue my love for wearing them. So when Firmoo asked if I would review a pair for them, I jumped on that one quick. I picked out these super cute frames and was thrilled at how fast I received them. I am usually more of a black framed glasses kind of girl, but these were such a fun color I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I love how light weight they are and they don't feel like they are fly off either. They fit super comfortably around the nose as well which is a plus. I love them and not sure if I will be able to keep them off of my face!!

Thank you Firmoo for these adorable glasses, can't wait to buy myself a few more pairs.
They are also giving my awesome readers a lovely  

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