christmas joy 2012

It's safe to say we survived the holidays! 
Still running on large amounts of caffeine and little sleep, but for good reason.
Christmas came far to fast for me to even realize it was here.
(I have to confess, I kind of felt like Scrooge at times.)
But all in all, I have to say now, it was a perfect Christmas! Especially with the kids being a little older and able to get the idea (or somewhat the idea) of what Christmas is all about.
Watching their little faces light up as they run into a room filled with new toys displayed on the floor, ready to be loved and played with for hours beyond hours. Yes, I said displayed, I didn't wrap one gift this year... How horrible is that. Although, in a way it was kind of genius, because there was no screaming that we weren't assembling the parts fast enough, everything was good to go!
(I apologize in advance at the poor quality iPhone pictures, I didn't even pick up my DSLR camera and I am completely kicking myself for it!!)
My hubby and I decided to not go crazy this year with gifts, knowing that our family would be spoiling them with plenty. I think they scored pretty well. They loads of toys, clothes and of course LOVE!
I tried not only to make a lot of the gifts I was giving, I also bought handmade too. I got this super cute Whale-Unicorn, as she calls it, from Kelsey Bang's Etsy Store. And I bought my Hubby's Grandpa this amazingly beautiful Family Tree print from Kimmie at Sugar & Dots. I made a few sets of Superhero Kits for cousins, and Lavender Warmers for some lovely family members too. I also made some super cute Snow Globes too, they were quite a hit!

On Christmas we had my family over and devoured mounds and mounds of food! Hubs did the turkey, which was AMAZING! I think the best part about large amounts of food, is all the leftovers! My mom brought some yummy Mexican food, from a delicious market in town. Those tamales were BOMB! 
Of course the food coma set in and we could barley move, which meant sleepy time!
Watching moments like this, melt my heart! She was so excited and so thankful for everything. 
They bring the best Christmas Joy!
Of course then you have to figure out where it all goes afterwards! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! 
I am getting back into the swing of things in these next few days, with some exciting posts to share with you!

I totally forgot to share our visit with Santa!!
How could I forget! Santa came and visited us at a Family Christmas get together. Lil Miss was beyond excited! She had a new dress and shoes just for him, actually I had to bribe her with the fact that she might see Santa so she would put the dress on! Of course when it came time for the big moment when Santa made his surprise visit... She wanted nothing to do with him! It was quite hilarious!! And Lil Man was such a cool cat about it all, no cares or worries about it, just go with the flow kind guy. 


  1. Having all the gifts displayed is such an awesome idea! I think I might do that next year with the kiddos. I despise Christmas gift wrapping. Glad you had happy holiday!

    1. I think I might for-go wrapping for the kids from now on! So much easier!! LOL

  2. Cute pics Heidi :) Love the Lavender Warmers! I plan on going to a huge lavender festival in the summer and getting loads of fresh lavender to dry. Lavender warmers for everyone next Christmas LoL

    1. Thank Brianne! I don't know why I never thought to ever make them before.. Easy to make and everyone always loves them!!


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