I am so excited to share this with you guys!!
A few months back I started following Shari on Instagram, which now I think has turned into a fun IG-Friendship! She is really pretty awesome!
I love seeing all the creations she is coming up with when she isn't busy taking care of her sweet little bebe!!
(She is so adoreable!)
Shari makes these handcrafted felt brooches, hair pieces, and now felted ornaments!!
Each one is so amazingly made!! The Futurama Guys are pretty amazeballs!!
I was so honored to have her as a Sponsor last month too!

Back in October Shari surprised me with some custom felt brooches that she made for my Lil Man's upcoming 2nd birthday party, which to no real surprise, will be Mustache themed!
I absolutely LOVE them!!!
How cute are these!!!
I am so in awe of her amazing talent, everything she makes is very well handcrafted!
Shari, you literally brought tears of excitement to my eyes when I received these!!
Thank you so very much!!!

It's hard to believe that this little guy will be 2 in March already!!
Has someone not invented a way to slow down time!!


  1. Amazeballs is definitely the appropriate word! Wow, what talent!

    1. She rocks!! My daughter was looking at these photos as I was loading this post and saw the ADORABLE Narwhal and thought it was a unicorn!! She started yelling "MAMA IT'S A UNICORN!!!" I sent Shari an email asking if should could possibly make one.....And... She did!! It's so flippin cute!! You can see it on her Instagram feed!!!

  2. those are adorable. you are talented! following from the GFC collective!

    Teressa @ newbornmama.blogspot.com


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