recently from.... target

I decided to start sharing all my fun shopping finds with you!! 
Recently From...
Whether it's from a weekly trip to Target or random online shopping spree.
I thought this would be a fun way to share all the trendy items I find, on sale or not.
Sometimes I look for that "for-less" look if I don't want to dish out a lot of cash on that expensive item. Cause lets face it, those fun, costly items we use to splurge on become a distant dream when you have kids!
But I still like to look fashion forward, now I just try and do it with out too much guilt..
So here is my recent trip to target.... Not pictured are baby wipes and diaper cream!
I am DYING over these scarves!! I just happen to randomly look down and the green feather one caught my eye! I love that they are on the longer side so you can wrap them a few times and they are super soft! I also couldn't pass the grey one up, I am assuming they are X's, but I see crosses too...
This was my FAVE find!! If you would have told me when I was 16 that in 10 years I would LOVE gold jewelry, I would have told you that you're NUTS! Yes, I disliked like anything gold. It could have been the most gorgeous piece of jewelry too, and I would have completely frowned upon it! I have to admit too, at one point and time I didn't like diamonds either!! WTH right!! 
Now I seriously LOVE gold! When I came across these bangles for $4, said a big "HECK YES!" and tossed those babies in the cart! Now I was just telling my mom the other day how gold watches are totally in right now and that I having been wanting to get the Nixon Gold Player Watch, but the price tag is a little much right now. I figured this Merona watch has almost a similar look, and will hold me over for now at $19.99.
This was a complete random purchase! I have been building up my make-up collection lately, and have been looking for a contouring palette. ELF was the only company that I came across (while at Target) that actually had one. I have only used it once, and I am pretty pleased with it!!


  1. I used to not like gold either, its starting to grow on me now! I wish I could wear bangles..my knuckles are too big and I have never been able to wear them!

  2. Love those scarves! I have yet to use one though.... I think my neck is too short for it :)

  3. I am always admiring the scarf section in Target and I love Elf makeup!

  4. Following from the blog hop! Thanks for opening up your blog! Loving everything I see!

    xo's - Ashley

  5. Okay I knew this would be a great blog to follow when I saw the word TARGET!! I have to go there at least once a week! I'm your newest follower from the Link up, can't wait to read more! :)

    xo, Raechel

  6. Oooh that feather scarf is CUTE! I live just down the road from a big new Target - going to have to go searching for that one. New follower here from the GFC blog hop :)

  7. Following from the The GFC Collective blog hop! Love the haul.



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