diy snow globe

I got the idea for this from Ashley at Chevron Stiches. And I have been seeing them every where now. Probably because they are pretty stinkin' cute... and not to mention easy!
I have been trying to stick to doing handmade gifts, I have to confess...I did buy a few brand new, used or handmade by others... I will have to start way early next year!
Okay so here it is!! You probably have everything you need already.

Clean out your mason jar so there aren't any random floaties. Fill up the jar with water as close to the top, and add about a drop of the glycerine (you can find at Michael's in the cake decorating section). Don't add any more than a drop, or it will make your water all cloudy, the glycerine helps slow the glitter as it falls. Now add your glitter to the water, as much or little as you like...I got a little glitter happy! Now glue your items to the under side of your lid. I went some little winter animals, you can add trees or little figurines too. Once you have let the glue dry up, apply the glue around the edge of the lid, this will help seal it shut. And before the glue dries place the lid onto the jar and screw on the rim. Allow to sit for a bit to let the glue seal the lid shut.


  1. This is nice I will try it!

  2. what! my daughter just got a kit for xmas...this could have saved her aunt money....lol. genius!

    BTW I nominated you for a pretty snazzy awards...check it out!


    Oh hey and...Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm a huge fan of snowglobes.. now why didn't i ever think to try to create one of my own?


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