{december} loveclub

On our way to my Hubby's Grandparent's house on Christmas Eve, I discovered that the December LoveClub box arrived!!
Merry Christmas to ME!!
There were lots of LOVELY goodies this month!! I am loving my growing collection of mini prints! 

{The Goodies}

I {HEART} Fawn & Flora FOREVER! 
The best shop to grab all you supplies for packaging! Lots of fun tape, bags, ribbon, prints, etc. 

How cute... Going to have to rock these cuties for sure!

Did I not say these mini print were the CUTEST!!

Going to put this out there right now....
Julie Ann Art has the most EFFING amazing Prints/Cards!
Seriously... The best!

I like Cookies...

This cards is gorgeous! 
My collection of cards is also pretty amazing now too!!

Music from Melissa Phillips (Awesome singer! Love The Boat Song)

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  1. AH! I still want to get into Love Club. I always miss their flash sales.


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